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Director Ayodhya Kumar's Telugu movie 24 Kisses featuring Adith Arun and Hebah Patel in the lead roles has received mixed reviews and ratings from the audience.

The movie 24 Kisses is a romance drama and besides direction, Ayodhya Kumar has also written the script and dialogues and produced the film under the banner Respect Creations. The flick has received an A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.23 hours.

Story: 24 Kisses narrates the story of children filmmaker Anand (Adith Arun), who joins a workshop with mass communication student Srilakshmi (Hebah Patel). The two like each other and kissing becomes a norm for them. As their romance continues, Srilakshmi confronts Anand after knowing that he has physical relationships with other girls. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

Analysis: 24 Kisses is a romantic comedy that is Ayodhya Kumar's bold take on modern-day relationships. The movie recounts the story of a couple as they navigate through the highs and lows. The film is loaded with plenty of romantic and intimate scenes and it may young filmgoers, say the audience.

Performances: Adith Arun and Hebah Patel have done justice to their roles and the chemistry between the two is the highlight of 24 Kisses. Rao Ramesh and others have done good jobs and their performances are also the assets of the film, say the audience.

Technical: 24 Kisses has good production values and Joi Barua's music, Uday Gurrala's picturisaton and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

24 Kisses movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' reaction on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read audience's response.

Dheeraj Babu✍‏ @DheerajBabuP

#24Kisses Bore fest with Unnecessary Smooches & Silly Storyline #Sharabha Huge Respect for the Graphics work & the Producers Money. But the Outdated Storyline is not something that works out

AVAD‏ @avadsays

#24Kisses is a massive disappointment from a talented director. It has no flow, no romance and silly kisses. Teasers and trailers were far better..

Survi‏ @PavanSurvi

Even a train crowded with children who are malnutritioned for years will have a destination. This trainwreck of a film doesn't even reach its desired destination even after #24Kisses and 143 brickbats of narration! Absolute mess.

Telugucinema‏ @telugucinemacom

24 Kisses - Movie Review A weak script that packs several lifeless scenes with pretentious stuff. A pill for insomniacs, totally bland and boring. #24KissesFromToday #24KissesReview #24Kisses @SillyMonks @IamHebahPatel

Cinema Madness‏ @ramsjoyy

First half done...deni gurunchi cinema antha aypoyaka matladtha #24Kisses

Tight_Slapz‏ @Tight_Slapz

#24Kisses review: Perfect Entertainment.. If u are awaiting to bring back your memories..then go watch it this weekend. Right mix of emotions

Viswanath viswanath‏ @viswanath_vis

#24Kisses is one of the most pretentious, over-dramatized films I have ever seen. Lead pair itch to be over-cute; songs get tiresome

Telugu360 @Telugu360

#24Kisses - Easily the worst movie this year. A crazy combination of a semi-porn film & a documentary about children ! With his pointless direction , Mr . Kumar leaves audience in pain !

Hyd Movies‏ @hydmovies

#24Kisses worst first half, very boring narration, didn't except this from Minugurulu director #24KissesFromToday

Akshay Kings‏ @AkshayKings22

#24Kisses One of the worst movie ever seen Interval k ellipotunnaru janalu Dead slow film Nothing story except kissing