A 21-year-old pregnant woman has alleged that a former IIM professor raped her in a five-star Delhi hotel on the false promise of marriage. The woman, who used to work in IBM Gurgaon, has filed an FIR in Delhi, which also names two others as accused. 

The case has been registered on account of rape, criminal intimidation, and criminal conspiracy.

The ex-professor had taken the woman with him to Gujarat on the false promise of marriage assuring her that she will be given a job. However, on reaching Gujarat she found that the former professor was married to a management professor and had a child.

The woman returned to Delhi after finding out that the man was married and lodged an FIR against him as he was apparently politically connected in Gujarat.

The 21-year-old, who is in the advanced stages of pregnancy, has been advised against abortion by doctors.

Her FIR names a woman who was reportedly party to the professor's machinations, and forced the 21-year-old to quit her job. The third accused mentioned in the FIR is an acquaintance who sexually assaulted her after promising legal help for her troubles, reported India Today.