Facebook has found itself at the centre of criticisms over widespread of fake news and misinformation, election meddling and alleged data misuse, but the world's largest social networking platform has found ways to turn its image around. 2019 will present new sets of challenges, helping Facebook prove its efficiency in matters it has been condemned over in the past.

Facebook has announced its revamped efforts to combat fake news problem on its platform ahead of upcoming elections in India and other parts of the world. The social networking platform has gone as far as setting up two regional operation centres in Dublin and Singapore with its teams focused on protecting the integrity of elections.

"These teams will add a layer of defense against fake news, hate speech and voter suppression, and will work cross-functionally with our threat intelligence, data science, engineering, research, community operations, legal and other teams," Facebook said in a blog post on Monday.

A battle against fake news
A battle against fake newsREUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Facebook said the Singapore office will include a team that will manage any threats to the Indian election. Commenting on how serious it is towards fighting fake news, Facebook said there are over 30,000 people hard at work to ensure safety and security across the platform, which includes blocking and removing fake accounts, the spread of false news and bringing transparency to political advertising.

Below are 10 ways Facebook is fighting fake news on its platform ahead of upcoming general elections in India

  1. Facebook will properly vet entities' identities before they can buy ads on its platform
  2. Facebook will launch a digital library to display information about India-based ads in relation to politics
  3. Facebook has improved machine learning capabilities to effectively find and remove violating content
  4. Facebook is working with law enforcement, regulators, election commissions, other technology companies, researchers, academics and civil society groups in its fight against fake news
  5. Facebook's third-party fact-checking program covers content in 16 languages and also reviews photos and videos in addition to article links for fake news
  6. Pages, domains repeatedly sharing false news will be penalised with reduced distribution and won't be allowed to monetize or advertise on Facebook
  7. Facebook disallows electoral ad purchases from outside the country ahead of elections to prevent foreign interference
  8. Facebook removes content that violates its community standards to ensure safety and security on the platform
  9. Facebook reduces the circulation of click-bait or sensational material
  10. Users can tap on "About this article" to see more details about the article and the publisher
Facebook's battle against fake news intensifies
Facebook's battle against fake news intensifiesReuters

"We are up against determined adversaries who try to attack on many fronts and we recognize our role and responsibility. We will never stop all the bad actors, but we're making real progress and we are committed to continuing to improve," Facebook added.