After a teaser was released a couple of days ago, Mercedes-Benz revealed the new pictures and details of the Vision Tokyo, which debuts at the ongoing 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz claims the concept is for the urban generation Z, those born from 1995 onwards who have grown up with the new media. The concept is more than a carrier from point A to B and also a digital automobile companion.

The concept wears a van-like shape that is evolved from the F 015 Luxury in Motion unveiled at the Consumer Electonics Show in January 2015. The concept is equipped with a set of 26-inch wheels and together with the side skirts these are illuminated in blue shade. The exterior is the overdose of glass area and the silver paint adds the overall richness for the concept. The roof of the concept gets a 360-degree camera along with sensors to assist in autonomous mode.

The Vision Tokyo concept measures 4803 mm in length, 2100mm in width and 1600mm in height that is compact despite of having van-like stance. Up to five passengers access the interior via the upward-swinging door on the left-hand side. The interior is packed with big wrap-around LCDs and there are also 3D holograms for the entertainment system, apps and maps.

Though the concept is advertised as the autonomous model, the vehicle can be manually controlled. A movable seat, more like the jump seat in an aircraft cockpit, facing the direction of travel is also part of the seating arrangement. The steering wheel can also be handled from standby position into driving position.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo conceptMedia.Daimler

The concept uses the setup of F 015 Luxury in Motion that comes with CFRP hydrogen tanks and a high-voltage battery that can be charged contactlessly via induction. The electric hybrid system has a total range of 980km, of which nearly 190km are from battery-powered driving and around 790km on the electricity produced in the fuel cell.