The images of the upcoming Ford Mustang model has hit the web, days ahead of its speculated launch.

Ford's Mustang has been in the rumours for quite some time and the latest leaks are likely to fuel the speculation further. The images published by the AutoWeek shows the latest iteration of Ford's muscle car Mustang, with a few changes in its looks.

The details of the car are not available at this point of time. However, reports suggest the latest version of Mustang will be 200 pounds lighter than its predecessors. The car is seen with a new front-grille, along with new headlight design in the leaked pictures.

"There'll be an optional Performance Pack, along with the option of adaptive cruise control, while inside there'll be carbon-fiber for the dashboard - real or fake we'll have to wait to see - and a fair number of physical gages to go along with the big LCD and no shortage of steering wheel buttons," reported SlashGear.

Rumour mills also predict that the car would come in three engines: a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, a 5.0-liter V8 engine and a 7-liter 300 HP V6 motor. The new Mustang will come in right-hand drive format and is expected to make its global debut in the coming days. According to various reports, the car will make its appearance at the New York Motor Show and will then be launched across the world.