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Debut director Jeo Baby's latest Malayalam movie "2 Penkuttikal" released on Friday, 22 January, has opened to positive reviews by audience and critics alike. The film has two child artistes â€" Anna Fathima and Shyam Bhavi -- in the lead roles as Achu and Anagha.

"2 Penkuttikal", which narrates the story of two young school girls, has already received many accolades and has been selected for many international film festivals for being a socially relevant subject. Anna Fathima has also won the Kerala State Film Award for best child artiste for her performance in the movie.

While Adwaith Shine has handled the cinematography, Mathews Pulickan has composed the film's music and lyrics are penned by Joby Moozhiyankan and Gilu Joseph. Co-produced by Nasib BR, Jayachandran Kolencherry and Joji Joseph, "2 Penkuttikal" also has Amala Paul, Tovino Thomas and Anju Kurian in cameo roles. 


The film discusses issues faced by young girls and women in our society. Achu and Anagha are close friends, who decide to bunk their class to visit a mall in the city. Their visit to the city changes their life and what happens next form the crux of "2 Penkuttikal".

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Manorama Online

"Anna, who had received the 2014 Kerala State Award for the Best Child Actress proves her mettle as a child artist in the movie. Shyam Bhavi is a natural actress and plays her part well. Both lead stars have managed to impress the audience. Even with just cameo roles, Tovino, Amala Paul and Anju Kurian make their presence felt. A narrative with a social message, 2 Penkuttikal is not a mere female-centric movie, but one that upholds humanity. 

"The goodness, reflected through the leading characters in the movie,is something people can take home with them. As it's rightly said, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but we ought to be ourselves. After all, each of us learn from the inspiration and support gained from the other one, however different from us."

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Awesome movie. Touched my heart! It is not about feminism or made for the sake of making a movie. But about our very basic rights to fight for what we love or believe should be changed. An eye opener indeed !

One time watchable movie with nice theme. Socially relevant film of the year. Music & bgm were the highlights of the film. Thanks for the producer who had gifted this film to our society. My rating 4/5

Social relevant...mesmerizing music.. must watch for all girls and family.. all the best for the crew behind the movie...the lead roles by the two kids are so amazing...

Words are not enough to decribe the social content provided in the movie... .. simply AWESOMEE. LOVED IT just made it simple and the two children... they just rocked with their fabulous acting... surely they are gonna rock in their film career

This is a movie that points out the social issues which a women faces in her life from birth. I'll say it is a mandatory movie for a human being. Congrats to all the people who worked for this awesome movie...