Two Muslim boys have alleged that they were beaten up by the Bandra Police who accused them of having connections with the Islamic State. Asif and Danish, both 19 years old, also alleged that they were illegally detained by the policemen.

"The police beat us up and told us head to Pakistan. They did not even allow us to call home," Asif told NDTV. 

The boys were picked up after the police suspected them of being "terrorists" or "agents of Islamic State", NDTV reported.

The family of the teenagers have blamed the police for not taking any action against the police officers, even though there were visible signs of injury on the bodies of the boys.

Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed has ordered an official inquiry into the matter. No official announcement has been made so far by the police.

The teenagers also claim that police officers later offered to pay them compensation so that they did not file a complaint.