Hurricane Dorian North Carolina
Representational imageReuters

The search operation is underway after a flash flood in North Carolina swept away a car with 2 children still inside. The mother, who was also in the car, was rescued, but her kids remain missing.

An overnight flash flood swept away the car off-road in Smithfield, North Carolina and the mother called 911 at around 1 a.m. Responding to the emergency call, rescue boats were dispatched, but they were only able to save the mother. Four rescue boats were also overturned during the operation and its crews also had to be saved.

Smithfield Fire Chief John Blanton, in a press conference on Tuesday, said the effort to find the children is still underway. But also noted that at this point it is no longer a recovery mission. One of the children was rescued along with the mother, but when the rescue boats overturned while bringing them to safety, the crew lost the kid.

"The water was so turbulent that the boat capsized and they lost the child. They were able to regain the mother. During the efforts to recover or find the children, they lost four boats. This morning, search efforts have gone out, They have located the vehicle and there's no one in the vehicle, so they're continuing the search this morning," Blanton said, according to ABC11.