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As Rajinikanth's 2.0 (2 Point 0) is nearing its release in theatres, it seems like Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan fans are getting insecure about their favourite superstars movie releases. They seem to have been spreading bad word of mouth on social media against 2.0 and Zero which are releasing worldwide on November 29 and December 21 respectively.

After coming across negative tweets and allegations levelled against Shah Rukh Khan's fan trolling 2.0 because of insecurity, a fan account of Bollywood Badshah counter-alleged that it is Akshay Kumar's fans who are jealous and tweeting bad about Zero. It may become a worrying factor for Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan as word of mouth be it positive or negative spreads rapidly through social media considering their huge fan following.

"Won't troll #2Point0 . Akshay fans are jealous & tweeting bad for #Zero. They are being insecure. 2.0 is Rajinikanth's film. SRK has huge respect for him. He never left a chance to give him a tribute. Can't troll "Chitti" who did a cameo in RaOne. We love Rajini Sir. Thalaiva!" read the tweet of Shah Rukh Khan's fan account.

However, the tweet irked a few Akkians (Akshay Kumar's fan army) including a few Rajinikanth fans who vowed not to watch Zero in theatres.

"Man toh bahut करता hai zero should be blockbuster as srk earlier films was disaster... But zero ही lashein bichhayega dekh... Zero drkhne wala tha ab nahi dekhunga (Deep within I feel that Zero should become blockbuster considering the poor performance of SRK's previous films but it looks like the film will only burn holes in audience's pockets. I wanted to watch Zero but now I won't)," a fan of Akshay Kumar tweeted.

A die hard Rajinikanth fan wrote, "#2Point0 is pride of indian cinema. Costliest indian movie ever. Every true indian shud watch & encourage. Dont even dare to compare it with bollycrap Zero."

An Akki fan, however, responded saying, "Dnt know abt these trollers who r passing negativity for zero...infect I am a akki follower but genuinely I like zero trailer more den robot 2.o...nd I think zero going to b carrier best movie for @iamsrk [sic]."

While others started blaming Shah Rukh Khan fans for carrying out a hate campaign against Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's 2.0.

"We akkians are focusing on our movie with two superstar #2Point0 and srkfans are spreading all these nonsense because their star can't play such roles.

& Nobody cares about your Zero just stop all these nonsense activities about our movie..."

And the blame game continued... Take a look.