Rajinkanth, Akshay Kumar, 2.0
Akshay Kumar as crowman in Rajinikanth's 2.0.Twitter

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's 2.0 is just 7 days away from its worldwide theatrical release and positive reviews have already started pouring on social media. The Shankar directorial has managed to impress film distributors with its larger than life action sequences, visual effects and a starry performance by its lead actors.

A local distributor named Ajay Sinha from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, who watched 2.0 at a special screening, has tweeted about his first hand experience after watching the sci-fi film at a special screening. He said from acting to screenplay to visuals to VFX to direction, everything was first class.

Made with a budget of Rs 400-450 crore, 2.0 (2Point0) has already recovered Rs 370 crore via Satellite Rights (Rs. 120 crore All Versions), Digital Rights (Rs. 60 crore All Versions), North Belt Rights (Rs. 80 crore), Andhra Pradesh/Telangana Rights (Rs. 70 crore), Karnataka Rights (Rs. 25 crore) and Kerala Rights (Rs. 15 crore).

The movie will reportedly be releasing in 7,500 screens across India and 2,500 screens overseas (total 10,000 screens). It is the first Indian movie that has been entirely shot using 3D cameras. 

Meanwhile read Ajay Sinha entire Twitter thread and what he has to say about Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's sci-fi thriller 2.0.

"OMG! #2Point0 what a movie! What a movie guys! Speechless.

Perfectly crafted with top notch background score and acting. This will make you love Akshay Kumar. What a amazing he is. He's hero of the movie for me. Absolutely stunned by his acting.

Absolutely wonderful Villain. Shankar's creativity at it's best. Rajinikanth was also good but Akshay overshadowed him. Amy jackson was also good.

Hats off to Shankar!! Thank you sir for making this kind of movie that too in India. The only movie for which India will be proud of! From acting to screenplay to visuals to vfx to direction everything was first class.

This movie will & should work. Though this movie will be only masala action kind of movie for few people but that's okay. We're opening indore advance of the movie from next Thursday! Must watch."

Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, 2.0
2.0 poster featuring Rajinikanth as Chitti the superbot and Akshay Kumar as Dr Richard/CrowmanTwitter

Trade analyst Sumit Kadel too tweeted about how 2.0 is abuzz with positive reports within the trade. "#2point0 is carrying PHENOMENAL reports within the trade. Distributors who have seen some glimpse of the film & heard some some details cant stop raving about it," he tweeted.

Another user, who watched the first half of 2.0 at the distributors special screening, threw an open challenge that Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's movie will surely break overseas box office records if it would be dubbed in English.

2.0 advance booking has started on full swing and according to reports, the tickets are selling like hot cakes. The movie shows start as early as 4 am in many parts of the country.

And going by the current buzz around the movie, it looks like 2.0 will definitely kickstart with a record-breaking performance at the box office.