Madhumita Krishnasamy
Madhumita Krishnasamy

Bengaluru is now on the culinary map after 19-year-old Madhumita Krishnasamy became the first representative from the city to take part in the prestigious Young Chef Olympiad.

The teenager is a third year student at International Institute of Hotel Management in Bengaluru and this is the first time she is competing in such a prestigious competition.

Madhumita, a self-professed fan of Nigella Kitchen, will be competing against participants from 51 countries.

"When I came for admissions to IIHM, the college authorities showed us videos of the competition. My mum saw it and told me that she wanted to see me there. Now, I will be there. It is a dream come true," Madhumita told International Business Times, India.

When asked how she prepared to participate in the competition, Madhumita said: "I have not done everything just to be here. There was a call for anyone interested to participate in the prelims and the initial knock-out rounds for the competition. I went through 6 rounds to win in my branch. Then, I had to compete against the winners of the other IIHM branches."

Young Chef Olympiad 2019 will be held from January 28 and will go on till February 2. The cash prize for the winner will be $10,000. 

Madhumita will first be going to New Delhi for the first two rounds and head on to Kolkata for the final round. The competition is organised by the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) in partnership with the International Hospitality Council (IHC) in London.