19 Kids and Counting
'19 Kids and Counting' stars Jill Duggar and Derick DillardInstagram/Derick Dillard

"19 Kids and Counting" star Jill Duggar looked stunning in a new photo posted by her partner Derick Dillard on Instagram.

The two are back home with their first born Israel David Dillard and are settling things up to make the new member comfortable. They thanked fans for their prayers and support by sharing an image of them sitting in the bedroom.

"As Jill and I are settling in back at home after the birth of our firstborn, we wanted to thank everyone for the amazing support we've received from so many during this time. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much to us. We love you all!" Dillard captioned the picture.

Meanwhile,  Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar shared a video thanking everyone."I really wanna thank everybody for all their support for Jill and Derick and for your prayers," said Jim.

They also shared a video of their grand son and wrote, "Our sweet new grandson, Israel David Dillard is here. We love him so much already and we love his name! Our Jill is doing wonderful and Derick seems to have a permanent smile on his face now! Israel is precious and his arrival is just another reminder of how very precious life is and how every child is a gift from God. We are happy grandparents!"

In the 48-second-long video Jill teased, "We like everybody to stay tuned to TLC on 5 May that is going to be showing the birth episode as well as things surrounding that."

"19 Kids and Counting" will be back on TLC with a new episode this Tuesday, 14 April, at 9 pm.