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Jill and Derick Dillard, and Jessa and Ben SeewaldDuggar Family Blog

The fight between Duggar sisters -- Jessa and Jill -- is still not over and new details of the alleged feud has leaked online, despite their best attempts to quash news of a rift between them. 

Jessa is reportedly jealous of her pregnant sister Jill and all the attention she has been getting. Jessa is also not too happy that Jill got pregnant shortly after getting hitched.

"Jessa feels like her sister keeps stealing her thunder," an insider told OK! magazine, according to Radar Online, adding that Jessa's one wish for the holidays is to get pregnant. "Now all she wants for Christmas is a positive pregnancy test," the source said.

Ben Seewald's wife is also said to be unhappy as Jill beat her to the altar. "Jessa is envious that Jill was the first Duggar daughter to get married," the insider said. 

The source also claimed that "all the attention surrounding Jill's wedding" has upset Jessa, as she wanted to marry first. As fans of the family's reality show would know, Jessa started her relationship with now-husband Ben Seewald at least six months before Jill and Derick Dillard got together. "[It was] really getting under Jessa's skin," the source said.

News of a tension between the sisters first emerged earlier this month when Radar Online analysed the sisters' social networking accounts and found that Jill follows most of her relatives on Twitter, except Jessa and her husband Seewald. And although Jill's husband Derick Dillard follows Ben and Jessa, they do not follow him back.

Clash in their personalities and how the other Duggars treat them are believed to be other contributing factors to the tension between Jill and Jessa. For instance, while Jill is considered the family's golden child, Jessa is known for her sarcasm, noted Radar Online.

"Jessa resents that Jill is her parents' favorite, and she's pulling away from the family," another insider said. "And Jill doesn't approve of the choices Jessa is making."

"Jessa is able to live for herself now, without the crazy rules — and she is learning who she wants to be — but Jill stayed pretty much the same when she left home," the insider added.