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Like Jim Bob and Michelle, Josh and Anna Duggar would also like to have a large family, and Tuesday's episode of "19 Kids And Counting" focused on Anna's desire to increase her brood.

The episode titled "Reveal to Remember" followed Josh and Anna on the last leg of their cross-country trip, and their last stop was at Anna's sister Priscilla Waller's house, where she was having a gender reveal party.

Priscilla's announcement that she was expecting a baby girl got Anna thinking seriously about expanding her own family, and she even admitted to taking several pregnancy tests since giving birth to their youngest child in June 2013.

"We [have] definitely talked a lot about babies and our families and so I think I'm going to go ahead and take another pregnancy test," Anna said.

Although the test proved negative, Anna revealed that she was hopeful that her wish will be granted sooner than later. "My heart is definitely to leave the size of our family in God's hands but I'm the fifth born so that's at least a good start," Anna said. "Maybe God is giving us a space because next we're going to have twins."

Anna and Josh are parents to Mackynzie, 5, Michael, 3, and Marcus, 1.

Meanwhile, the Duggars might be gearing up for yet another marriage in the family if reports of John David Duggar -- Jim Bob's second son -- dating turn out to be true.

Multiple reports claim that the 24-year-old has been out and about with a mystery woman, and the The Inquisitr noted that the lady in question might be Instagram user Masiespace, who is said to be a close friend of the Duggar family.

A quick scan of her Instagram account shows photograph of hers with the Duggars, and she is also believed to be a close friend of Jana Duggar. In the Duggars' famous RV photo that was taken eight months back, Masiespace, who is also a Christian, was the only non-family member who was featured in the picture.

The Duggars are yet to address dating rumours, and in August the family said that the twins -- Jana and John -- weren't courting anyone. 

"Right now, there is no courtships news to share on Jana, John, or any of the other Duggars, but stay tuned. With 19 kids and only three engaged or married, there are bound to be many more exciting announcements in the future," a post on Duggar Family Blog read.