A 15-hour-old newborn girl in Palghar district, Maharashtra has been tested positive for coronavirus infection. A medical officer in Palghar revealed that the girl was found to be positive for Covid, while her mother was tested negative. 

A newborn baby who contracted coronavirus infection

It was on Sunday that the woman hailing from Darsheth village gave birth to the child at a private nursing home in a Palghar nursing home. After the delivery, hospital authorities conducted a routine coronavirus test and found that the newborn baby is positive for coronavirus infection. 

Infant covid
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Health authorities in the district revealed that this is the first such case in the Palghar district. The newborn baby is currently undergoing treatment in Jawhar taluka hospital, and her condition is apparently stable. 

The case of a Spanish woman who delivered a baby with Covid antibodies

A few months back, a Spanish woman had delivered a baby boy with Covid antibodies. The newborn baby apparently had the antibodies in his body, as his mother received coronavirus vaccination in the third trimester of her pregnancy. 

Medical experts who analyzed this case claimed that the protection that the baby has is equal to that of someone who has been vaccinated. 

However, the Indian government had clearly instructed pregnant and lactating mothers to refrain from receiving the coronavirus jab. 

"Vaccines at present in use are contraindicated in pregnant and lactating mothers. Hence all DDHS are instructed to communicate the same to all CVCs. Moreover, Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech vaccine literature does not recommend such vaccination," read the order from the Indian government. 

In another instance, a Singaporean woman who was Covid positive during her pregnancy had given birth to a baby with Covid antibodies. The baby was born on November 7 in the National University Hospital (NUH).