It's time for 90's kids to brace themselves and get ready to feel really really old as Christa Allen recreated an iconic moment from her popular film 13 Going On 30. In the film she played young Jenna Rinks who wanted to be a fashionably cool teenager and be a part of the girl gang 'six chicks'. Christa definitely must have used some magic dust because she almost looks like a carbon copy of Jenna Rinks older version, (which was played by Jennifer Garner) in her latest Instagram video, where she recreated a moment from 13 Going On 30. 

13 Going On 30

Christa took a trip down the memory lane on her Halloween and brought life back to the character that once shot her to international fame. She dressed as Jenna Rinks from 13 Going On 30 and this time she experienced and enjoyed the adult life that Jenna once dreamed to have all by herself. 

Sharing the video on Instagram she recreated the moment when Jenna learns that she is a woman who is thirty, flirty and thriving. In her head, it was a school night but she found a new kind of excitement dressing up for her office party and riding to the place on a limo. She captioned it, "Jenna Rinks forever'. 

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Jenna Rink forever ???✨#13goingon30

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Here's the original sequence from the film, 13 Going On 30 starring Jennifer Garner

This might be the best video for 90s kid who fears stepping in their 30s. It was one of the American films which did not show 30s to be the worst phase of our lives, rather the film had focused on the positive side of being an independent adult with jobs. Jenna Rinks who was 13 deeply enjoyed her 30s until she realised that she had made many mistakes in the past and she chose to fix her life again with the magic dust. Nevertheless, the film positively highlighted the bright side of being in your 30s.