Mumbai skylineReuters

India is often considered as one of the world's most corrupt countries, but its commercial capital Mumbai is found to be the second-most honest city, according to an experiment by Reader's Digest.

As part of the experiment, Reader's Digest dropped a total of 192 wallets, 12 wallets each in 16 selected cities around the world, in an attempt to find out how many would return it to the owners. Each wallet contained a name with a cellphone number, family photo, coupons, and business cards, plus the equivalent of $50. 

Finnish capital Helsinki is the most honest city in the world with 11 out of 12 abandoned wallets being returned to the owners. Mumbai comes second in the list with nine out of 12 wallets returned.

Budapest and New York City share third place while Moscow and Amsterdam come fourth.

Listed below are the world's most honest cities, based on the number of wallets returned.

1)      Helsinki, Finland - 11 out of 12

2)      Mumbai, India - 9 out of 12

3)      Budapest, Hungary and New York City, US - 8 out of 12

4)      Moscow, Russia and Amsterdam, the Netherlands - 7 out of 12

5)      Berlin, Germany and Ljubljana, Slovenia - 6 out of 12

6)      London, England and Warsaw, Poland - 5 out of 12

7)      Bucharest, Romania, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Zurich, Switzerland - 4 out of 12

8)      Prague, Czech Republic - 3 out of 12

9)      Madrid, Spain - 2 out of 12

10)  Lisbon, Portugal - 1 out of 12