With no new movie releases, everyone's starved for fresh Bollywood content, unless they're catching up on stuff they haven't yet watched. Finding content can be hard whether you're alone or have the company to watch movies with. With the numerous OTT platforms to help you navigate the lockdown, the choice is plenty. 

There are movies Bollywood regrets too. Not all content can be good and worth it. We're trying to help you skip the ones that will kill your faith in Bollywood. Wish someone told us before we watched these. Here are the 10 cringe-worthy Bollywood movies on OTT platforms right now, watch them at your own risk. 

Cringe-worthy Bollywood movies

10 most cringe-worthy Bollywood streaming on all your devices right now:

There are a lot of films Bollywood has produced. Over the years, the industry has become the biggest in the world. It's understandable then that not all of those films are gold. Now with everybody forced to stay home during the lockdown, streaming platforms are ramping up content and we are officially spoilt for choice. Of the 10 here, you may have watched them all, if not at least heard about them, and if you haven't watched any we suggest you keep well away from them. 

1. Himmatwala (2013)

Himmatwala Star Tamannah Fails To Impress Critics in Her Bollywood Debut
Himmatwala Star Tamannah Fails To Impress Critics in Her Bollywood DebutHimmatwala (Facebook/Official)

Himmatwala is meant for only the bravest souls, no doubt. The Ajay Devgn and Tamannah Bhatia- starrer is streaming on Netflix. One really doesn't know who Netflix is targeting with this film. The movie was meant to be a remake of the original which was a huge success. The film was also supposed to be a comedy, but isn't remotely funny when it leaves you searching for your brain cells. With a 1.7 rating on IMDB, need we say more? 

2. Drona (2008)


Drona is now streaming on Google Play and YouTube. Miss it, please. The film was meant to showcase Abhishek Bachchan, what it did was send you on a journey into the unknown in the worst of ways. The film fared slightly more than Himmatwala at 2.0 on IMDB. Forget everything else, Abhishek's hair should give you a hint of what the movie is like. 

3. Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002)

Jaani Dushman
Jaani DushmanScreenshot/Youtube

In simple terms, Jaani Dushman was Sonu Nigam's best acting performance, but Manisha Koirala, Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar's worst. We'll give the film this, it was "anokhi (strange)" indeed. You might have seen this movie make many lists, for comedy, spoofs, lots of reviews of Bollywood's worst. If you come across this film on Voot, hit back and go watch Roadies instead. Don't blame us, if you come out feeling uncomfortable and sadistic. 

4. Love Story: 2050 (2008)

Love Story: 2050

Luckily, Priyanka Chopra's career picked up. Unfortunately, Harman Baweja couldn't survive Bollywood. Well, with these film choices, what can one say? Love Story 2050, we're sorry to inform you is what India has to show in the utopian time travel space with some sci-fi romance thrown in. Basically, if you like sci-fi or Priyanka Chopra or Bollywood don't watch it on YouTube where it's available. A professor at Gujarat University though said that the film helps, "understand the cultural anxieties about India's neoliberal future." A moment of silence for academia everywhere. 

5. Rudraksh (2004)


Rudraksh is Prime Video's weapon of choice. Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty and Bipasha Basu gave us this masterpiece. Let's just say Bollywood should leave academia for academics and stick to what they do best. Genuinely they took fiction and turned it into ridiculous fiction, that's Mani Shankar's take on sci-fi. Beware this one, unless you're the type of who likes bad cinema or can see the humour here because there's plenty if you can look past the bad acting, the sloppy plot and science that can make you angry. 

6. Fool N Final (2007)

Fool N Final

Fool N Final is a hidden pandora's box, and with good reason. You'll find it on MX Player, but avoid it if you can. This is a classic comedy starring Sunny Deol, Shahid Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi. There's clearly no script or plot with this comedy. The film is meant to be a comedy heist film. No, it's not, nobody told Ahmed Khan to do his research and really try. You're better off with Money Heist. 

7. Cash (2007)


Cash is streaming on Disney + Hotstar. This is another multi-starrer, nobody gave Bollywood the memo that a big star-studded cast won't save your terrible plot. This is a film that has the audacity to call itself an action-thriller. Even though there's Ajay Devgn and Suniel Shetty, nothing comes with the film. If you want to waste some precious time, don't let us discourage you. 

8. Tees Maar Khan (2010)

Tees Maar Khan

We all know this one was a bust. What were Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Farah Khan thinking? Catch it on Netflix, if you've finished watching everything else on every streaming platform. If you're planning to watch this list, despite our warnings, then start with Tees Maar Khan. It'll be slightly more palatable, we can't guarantee anything though. 

9. Joker (2012)


Joker is also on Netflix, which makes us again, what is Netflix playing at? The film with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha at the helm. ET cried after watching this film. Koi Mil Gaya was Oscar-worthy compared to this joke of a film. Bollywood has never quite got science right. You should pick up your hints from the poster if those aliens don't spell enough caution, then you're the type that doesn't pay attention to caution boards. 

10. Mission Istanbul (2008)

Mission Istanbul

Mission Istanbul is a popular booby trap because you'll find it on Disney + Hotstar and Netflix. So, you've been forewarned. The film is another bust which not-so-discretely parodied an organisation called Al Jazeera starring, Zayed Khan and Vivek Oberoi. Apoorva Lakhia tried to create political drama and intrigue, in his own remote, disappointing way. Also, it has a little hidden surprise, Abhishek Bachchan makes a special appearance. Surely, that's something to look forward to. 

With this, if you watch all of them, we can safely say RIP Bollywood. If you want to be entertained this lockdown, there's better content out there. What's scary though is that these are just 10 of the numerous. We're just helping you take precautions and stay safe. You're welcome.