Vikram, Samantha and Pasupathi starrer "10 Endrathukulla", also spelled as "10 Enradhukulla", has opened to mixed reviews. 

5 Reasons to watch '10 Endrathukulla' | 'Naanum Rowdy' Thaan' Review | First Day Collection

"10 Endrathukulla" is a road movie written and directed by Vijay Milton of "Goli Soda" fame and bankrolled by leading filmmaker AR Murugadoss.

Rahul Dev, Abhimanyu Singh, Manobala, Ramdoss, Sampoornesh Babu and others are in the cast. Charmy Kaur has done a special number. "10 Endrathukulla" has D Imman's music, Sreekar Prasad's editing and Bhaskaran KM's cinematography.

The trailer, teaser and audio of "10 Endrathukulla" have generated positive vibes around the movie. Hence, it has to be seen whether the movie will live up to the audience's expectations. Below, we bring you live audience response to the flick:

Mirudula Tweeted
#10Enradhukulla Worst Movie.@Samanthaprabhu2 bad performance continues...Songs completely degrade the movie.No story. 1/2
#10Enradhukulla First half is irritating like a Hell.Second half is slightly ok.Samantha voice is very much closer to School Ayamma...2/2
#10Enradhukulla With out Vikram,You cannot sit for 2 hours. Camera work Top class.Plain entertainment makes the audience sleepy feel.

Sreedhar Pillai tweeted
#10Endrathukulla 2.5/5. Technically good @vijaymilton camera & @sreekar_prasad fast cutting. @immancomposer music is just ok.
#10Endrathukulla 2.5/5. Best moments, #Vikram the man with no name & his action scenes, romance & sly comedy Fight inside a moving car great
#10Endrathukulla 2.5/5. #Pasupathi comic villain is a scream, @Samanthaprabhu2 looks cute 1st half , #LeeWhitaker's car chase scenes r fab
#10Endrathukulla 2.5/5 Masala Mix, enjoyable ride in parts. #Vikram holds it together 2 a large extent. Racy but too many speedbreakers

M.Sasikumar wrote
Good films mk our industry proud! #10Endrathukkula #NRD a much better entertainer in recent times,Gud luck @Samanthaprabhu2 @VigneshhShivan

Prasanna Venkatesh wrote
@Samanthaprabhu2 Superb performance in #10Endrathukulla Two entirely opposite roles. Excellent
@vijaymilton Sir EXCELLENT for the "Death Send off procedure" of mussoorie Scenes very new Not Easy
10 Endrathukulla is a super Hero Subject. Andra style film especially in climax train scenes Regular Twist. Samantha konjam positive
Many unnecessary things like car stunts in cg, Song with charmi, few dialogues. Hope next half will have some connection.

TFU_Kannan Wrote
#10EK first half - Going good so far! Racy screenplay with few over the top stunts!! #Chiyaan rocks but Sam plays typical heroine yet again.
#10Endrathukulla - Commercial action entertainer with decent plot executed with lotta fun but drags a bit towards the end. Watchable! (7/10)

Sardaar John Tweeted
#10Endrathukulla Fabulous Mainly #2ndHalf @Samanthaprabhu2 #Chiyaan acting at Peaks. #Hollywood Fest.. @10EKTheFilm

Common Man Sathish wrote
#10Endrathukulla First half - Vikram & Samantha tries to save the movie, which has avg screenplay & no plot.
#‎10Endrathukulla‬ - Second half was quite better than first half. Samantha has given her best. Her role was as powerful as hero. Director Vijay Milton who gave blockbuster with debutants in Golisoda, couldn't deliver as much with Vikram

Vishwa Tweeted
#10Endrathukulla: It was nice to see @Samanthaprabhu2 throughout the film, her chemistry with #ChiyaanVikram has worked out well.

Heytamilcinema Posted
#10Endrathukulla : #Vikram is charming back to his own mass style, Samantha is a surprise package, especially in the climax portion.
#10Endrathukulla : Engaging commercial entertainer, hilarious scenes at parts. Weak screenplay is a let down by Director, full review soon.

Ck Mohammed Wrote
#10Endrathukulla : Good commercial entertainer to watch, nice mixture of dance, action, comedy & high voltage stunts. Congrats team :)
#10Endrathukulla : Slow paced weak screenplay is a let down by Director, hilarious scenes at parts at the end it's an engaging fun ride.
#10Endrathukulla : #Vikram is back to his own mass style, @Samanthaprabhu2 is a surprise package, especially in the climax portion.

Ajmal Esmail
#10Endrathukulla @Charmmeofficial years past bt u r stil beautiful as u were before wat is d secret behind diz? #GaanaGaana song
#10Endrathukulla @Samanthaprabhu2 ur just awsome ur perky performance is the main highlight of this movie ☺ summa astheette
#10Endrathukulla is a above average flick, VFX scenes really worked well, but the script structure is not good. Overall can watch one
#10Endrathukulla ChIyAn did justice for his character, his impeccable performance is the main reason to watch the movie ...
#10Endrathukulla overall a mass masala entertainer. Congratulations @ARMurugadoss @vijaymilton @Samanthaprabhu2
#10Endrathukulla while watching @Samanthaprabhu2's performance in this movie rememberin our @geneliad semma bubbly ah irukk @UshaVavveti

Malayalam Review Posted
#10Endrathukulla Below Average First Half
Boring Story Plot and Avg Direction
Vikram Good
Samantha Ok
Status Good

VJ Abishek Posted
Loving the inserts, dialogues n d importance given 2 @Samanthaprabhu2 Macho #Vikram raaks Racy first half with little dips. #10Enradhukulla
Waiting at #Kaasi to shout my lungs out for #10Enradhukulla #Chiyaan #Vikaram @Samanthaprabhu2 @vijaymilton

$ubasini Devi Posted
Wowww #10Endrathukulla Movie Really Amazing Vikram & @Samanthaprabhu2 .. Seriously You Both Are Roking
The Best entertainment Movie

Jackiesekar Wrote
#10Endrathukulla best action commercial entertainment..vikram is good.. Double act Samantha acting is also good brief review come soon

ChristopherKanagaraj Tweeted
#10Endradhukulla | Avg 1st half, Gud 2nd half

ArUn Posted
Sumar First Half
Decent Second Half

RDBalaji Tweeted
#ChiyaanVikram just awesome. He steals the show with his stylish performance. Vintage Mass Chiyaan
#10Endrathukulla @10EKTheFilm

Heytamilcinema Wrote
#10Endrathukulla : #Vikram looks charming, lot of commercial elements, fun filled ride so far. 2nd half should open up with storyline..

Saravanan Posted
@vijaymilton #10Endrathukulla hats off to u. Whole theatre claps. Really good work. U made our #ChiyaanVikram more smarter.. Congrats team

Sfc_naveen Posted
#10Endrathukulla 1st half over -
going decent. Entertaining at
parts. @Samanthaprabhu2 much
impressive in her role.!

Kaththi Ragul MSDian wrote
#10Endrathukulla interval ... Racy screenplay.. Bore adikama poguthu Waiting for 2nd half

Kaushik LM Tweeted
#10Endrathukulla review 2.75 / 5
Surprise package is @Samanthaprabhu2 who unleashes her range. Not just girly cutesy

Ashok S Bhaskar Wrote
#10Endrathukulla, Climax twist was surprising. Happy with the movie. Absolute Entertainment. Well done @vijaymilton
#10Endrathukulla, Engaging movie definitely. Stunts was good from stylish Vikram. Sammantha was cute and she delivered the role well.
#10Endrathukulla - Very nice movie. Good commercial entertainer. Enjoyed it completely. Vikram and Sammantha were awesome. Stylish & Cute.

Martin N Joseph Tweeted
#10Endrathukulla - Loved the scintillating performance of @samanthaprabhu2. Cute and chubby as usual & bold n energetic in climax sequences.