Vijay Sethupathi and Nayantara starrer "Naanum Rowdy Thaan", which is also spelled as "Nanum Rowdy Thaan", has opened to positive reviews. The good storyline backed by wonderful performances of the key characters have impressed the cine-goers.

'10 Endrathukulla' Review

Pandi (Vijay Sethupathi), who is the son of a cop played by Raadhika Sarathkumar, wants to be a rowdy but posses little courage to be one. On the other end, Kadambari (Nayantara) is in search of her father and police official (Azhagam Perumal), who went missing after he went on a mission to kill a gang leader named Killi Valvan (Parthiepan).

She is seeking revenge against Killi Valvan and challenges Pandi to eliminate him. What happens next is the interesting part of the story.

"Naanum Rowdy Thaan" is loaded with comedy scenes and romance. The story is completely engaging even though the climax portion is little stretched. And the songs in the first half are like speed breakers as it affects the story narration. The performances of Vijay Sethupathi and Nayantara have been appreciated by the audience. However, the technical team has also contributed a lot in its success.. Below, find the audience response to the flick:

ChristopherKanagaraj Tweeted
#NaanumRowdyDhaan | Gud 1st half, Avg 2nd half
#NaanumRowdyDhaan Gud 1st half (+) - nayantara, vijay sethupathy, anirudh music, camera work, few comedy scenes (-) slow paced screenplay!
#NaanumRowdyDhaan Decent film, comedy scenes worked out only in parts, anirudh music superb, nayantara, VS, Anandraj, Parthiban gud perf!!

Sreedhar Pillai posted
#NaanumRowdyDhaan 3/5.Rollicking comedy.Kudos @VigneshhShivan narration & dialogues major +. #Nayanthara & #VijaySethupathy brings it alive
#NRD 3/5. Neatly packaged,chemistry between lead pair crackle. @anirudhofficial music super,George's camera top & neat cuts @sreekar_prasad
#NRD – 3/5. @RJ_Balaji is a scream, has graduated as a solo comedian (hero friend). @rparthiepanas comic villain & @realradikaa too good.
#NRD 3/5.#Nayanthara in an author backed role is fantastic, #VijaySethupathy terrific comeback. @WunderbarFilms_ choice of scripts helped
#NRD 3/5. Scenes r very well written, about 2 kiss scene stands out Downside - 1st half racy but post interval things slow down.

Surendhar MK Posted
#NaanumRowdyThaan: Absolutely loving @VigneshhShivan's dialogues. Look so natural. Fab placement of 'Oru Kanam Oru Pothum'
Half way through #NaanumRowdyThaan: Easily #Nayanthara's best portrayal. Simple story narrated with life-like characters. Anirudh's BG
#NaanumRowdyThaan is a clean entertainer made with good realism. Casual, nonchalant & fun. Nayan & VS strike great chemistry. #Recommended

Vicky Tweeted
#NaanumRowdyThaan #Interval : Sama Fun ride Entertaining first half ! @NayantharaU Proved once again her acting Waitin fr 2nd half

Haricharan Pudipeddi wrote
Showtime #NaanumRowdyDhaan
Fun first half of #NaanumRowdyDhaan. #Nayanthara is terrific, owns the role so comfortably. Treat to watch her on screen
A must watch wholesome entertainer is #NaanumRowdyDhaan. #VijaySethupathi and #Nayanthara ace their roles and @RJ_Balaji returns with a bang
AnandRaj and Partheban chip in with wonderful performances too in #NaanumRowdyDhaan. But this is #Nayanthara's show all the way.

Dinesh wrote
#NaanumRowdyThaan interval - Never liked Nayanthara this much in any movie. Semma acting. Vignesh Sivan sedhukirukkan.
#NaanumRowdyThaan interval - Semma love story. Fantastic chemistry between Pandi and Kadhambari. BGM super. Loving the narration.
#NaanumRowdyThaan- Overall, watchable for the first half which includes Nayan's cute perfo, VJS dialog delivery and Anirudh bgm and songs.
#NaanumRowdyThaan- The climax begins right from the start of second half. It goes and goes and goes, finally the hero wins.
#NaanumRowdyThaan- 2nd half lets down. Unexcusable flaws. Lot of questions arise. There were likeable moments but not genuinely convincing.

Common Man Sathish Wrote
‪#‎NaanumRowdyDhaan‬ ‪#‎NRD‬ First half - Vijay Sethupathi's dialogue delivery & his trademark dialogues along with beautiful Nayanthara with wonderful performance engages the audience. Nayanthara asks so called Rowdy Vijay Sethupathi to help her kill Parthiban in the first half (as revealed in the trailer). Waiting for much more engaging second half

Venkat S Tweeted
#NaanumRowdyDhaan - Pleasant cinematography. Sure to attract repeat audience. Kudos @VigneshhShivan for making it such an enjoyable film.

Gowthaman Natarajan Wrote
#NaanumRowdyDhaan - #Anirudh music was one of the pillars for the movie! Song placements were brilliant which made it more engaging
#NaanumRowdyDhaan -@RJ_Balaji one liners were super catchy and laugh riot it was! A glimpse of cross talk was shown and the crowd erupted
#NaanumRowdyDhaan - @rparthiepan sarcasm was brilliant ! His humour sense was completely fun in the movie especially in d climax laugh riot
#NaanumRowdyDhaan - @george_dop brilliant angles and lightings throughout the movie! Have elated the mood of the movie by large!
#NaanumRowdyDhaan - A comeback vehicle for #VijaySethupathi after some sloppy few movies Inbetween! #Nayanthara has shown the intensity!
#NaanumRowdyDhaan - A simple story but told in a very breezy and cool way ! @VigneshhShivan has emerged victorious in this romcom!
#NaanumRodwyDhaan - Half way through! A beautiful comedy so far! Fantastic casting! #vijaysethupathy and #Nayanthara are giving a cmpt perf