Some dream big, some dream small. Some live their dreams while others not. Rebecca Alemla Changkija, from Changki Mokokchung, Nagaland is one girl who is living her big dream. She is foraying into Bollywood as a producer through the film "Te Amo", which has gone to the floors. She thinks nothing is impossible in life if one really tries.

In an exclusive interview to IBTimes, the hard working girl from Nagaland says she will expose the beauty of Northeast through her film. Here are the excerpts from the Interview with Rebecca Alemla Changkija.

Rebecca Alemla Changkija
Rebecca Alemla Changkija

You are perhaps the first person from Nagaland state or even maybe from Northeast India to produce a Bollywood film. How is Bollywood treating you?
I feel really honoured. Since my 2nd standard, I used to dream about Bollywood. Well those days, serials like "Chandrakanta," "Mogli" and "Cinderella" used to be my favourite, so it's truly like a dream come true (to be in Bollywood).  It does not matter at all whether I am the first producer from Nagaland or from Northeast. At the end of the day, what matters is 'wisdoms from God' and how you make your 'dreams possible'. Nothing is impossible in life if you give your 100 %. Of course I sincerely enjoy the love and care from my well wishers and my loved ones.  Working in Bollywood really needs lots of hard work, passion and patience, and I have a long way to go, still learning and yet to learn a lot. I am just like a new born baby here and I wanna gown up really big here in Bollywood as a good human being and a great filmmaker.

What is your film "Te Amo" all about?
"Te Amo" is based on the story of young boys who are trying to make it big in the music industry. Although the backdrop of the movie is musical entertainer with youth comedy, the movie basically is an emotional love story of the main lead singer and his childhood friend. It will be shot in North Eastern states like Shillong (Meghalaya), Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, and I hope it becomes a big hit. It has more than 10 songs for today's youth with music by real time musical bands. More than four music directors are composing the tracks for the movie.

"Te Amo" is a Hindi film but the title draws lots of curiosity as it is a Spanish word meaning 'I Love You'. Any special reason behind the title of the film?
"Te Amo" though a Spanish word is a song from "Dum Maro Dum" and youth knows that very well. As far as other viewers are concerned, we are having the words "I love you" in the posters which will make it clear that it's a Hindi movie. We wanted a title different from the regular movies.

You said the film will be shot entirely in Northeast. It will be sort of a visual treat from Northeast for Indians who haven't visited the region.
Oh Yes, many people do not know how beautiful Northeast is - rich culture, hospitality etc. Hope "Te Amo" brings the real picture of Northeast for those people who have less knowledge of the region.

Do you think you can capture the beauty of the region better than the others (Bollywood filmmakers), you being from the region?
Since I am from Northeast, I have a better knowledge of the locations out there, which are still unexposed in Bollywood. Moreover, I have a very creative team who are involved in this movie project. They make simple location look beautiful. So now, since we have a lovely location, my hopes are doubled that they will capture the entire place better than any other films made till date.

Please tell us about the cast of your film?
The lead actor is Panhk Awani. He was Mr Chhattisgarh 2011 and holds more than 25 titles to his credit. Actor and model Asif Khan and Japanese supermodel Ayoko play main supporting roles. Naga actor Chuzho Zhokhoi and singer Alobo Naga are also in the cast. Two rock bands from Northeast will also perform in the movie. However, the casting for the lead actress is still on.

Casting a person from Northeast in the lead role could give a different feel to the film. What do you say?
Well, according to our script, lead role from Northeast will not suit, but yes we have few actors from Nagaland. Hope "Te Amo" brings lots of love and peace among us.

Tell us something about the director of the movie.
Writer and director Shiraz Henry is into fashion photography and also the chief of photography for an international Bollywood magazine BNA Germany. He has a long record of capturing ads, photographs etc. and is a successful photographer in Bollywood . His first movie '"Beyond the 3rd Kind", which is aimed for film festivals across the globe, has been completed. "Te Amo" is his second movie and he plans to shoot it like a Hollywood movie with songs, dance, comedy and youth. He is working in few more projects which have already been launched and will be shot after "Te Amo".

The first song of the film was recorded with singers Shahid Mallya and Pamela Jain. Has the song come out good?
Oh yes, our first song is been recorded successfully very romantic and melodious song. Working with them was an amazing experience.

The first song was composed by Abuzar Rizvi. How was it working with him?
Music Director Abuzar Rizvi and lyricist Anjaan Sagari of "Welcome" fame have done excellent job. Can't ask for more. Hats off to both of them.

Are you roping in well known singers and musicians for the film?
Bollywood well known singer Shaan and Alobo Naga & Band from Nagaland will grace with their melodious voice.

Do you think small-budgeted films without star actors can be successful at the box office?
Someone has rightly said that 'there is no such thing as small budget or big budget movies; a movie is either good movie or a bad movie'. As far as new faces in lead roles are concerned, these days movies like "Pyaar Ka Punchnama", "Tere bin Laden" etc have done good business at the box office though they didn't have established actors. We are making this movie for the youth with 'out and out comedy', music and romance that no youth would like to miss.

Any projects in offing from your production house Find Studioz?
Find Studioz is currently producing a movie for film festival titled "The Horizon & The Adopted" besides "Te Amo". Then there is a commercial Hindi film titled "Vampire Sucks", which is an out and out comedy with international actor Brandon J.Hill playing the vampires role. This project will be shot in the exotic location of Cherapunjee and will have humour of different genre.