"Grandfathered" returns on Fox with new family drama in the third episode of season 1, titled "Guys' Night", at 8pm on Tuesday, 13 October. The episode will focus on Jimmy Martino's (John Stamos) efforts to adjust with his newfound family and rumours suggest that he will also try to rekindle his relationship with Sara Kingsley (Paget Brewster).

While fans are still wondering how the 50-year-old restaurant owner will eventually become a family man, cast member Paget Brewster teased that he will continue to enjoy his bachelor life.

"They rekindle their relationship and Jimmy is still dating stomach models," the actress told Entertainment Weekly adding, "They're not together, but there's definitely chemistry and they like each other, but they also butt heads a lot. That would be something that's a possibility, but how the writers will handle that I don't know."

So viewers can watch Jimmy and Sara gradually becoming power couple in the upcoming episodes of the Fox comedy drama.

In as sneak peek video of episode 3, the protagonist rants at Annelise (Kelly Jenrette) when she tries to make him realise that he is just blaming Brewster's character for everything.

The official synopsis of "Guys' Night" read: "When Jimmy realizes that he doesn't know much about Gerald, he decides to take him out for a night on the town. Meanwhile, Annelise hires a new mixologist to spice things up at the restaurant."

"Grandfathered" episode 3 airs at 8pm on Tuesday, 13 October. CLICK HERE to watch the episode via live steam online on Fox.