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Season 15 of "Bad Girls Club" has been one of the most dramatic shows, with every single episode featuring a violent confrontation among the girls. In the upcoming "Reunion Part 1" episode, we will see all them, including those who were sent home before the show's finale, come together for one mega-fight.

The reunion show, hosted by Tanisha, will see the five final housemates Jazmyn, Jaimee, Asia, Amber and Kristina. The other girls will join on the stage when their storylines are discussed.

As fans of the show know, Jazmyn and Jaimee were the most unpopular sisters of the show, the reunion is certainly a reminder of that. In a promo clip from the reunion show, Asia accused Jaimee and Jaz of not cleaning up after themselves, especially after one of them threw up in the common bathroom.

Amber further clarifies that Jamiee and Jaz like to claim people dislike them because of their THOT shorts, but that is not the case. They then proceed to get up turn around and show off her shorts-clad backside, adding: "I got on some shorts right now that show my a---[sic]."

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Later, when Angela comes on the stage, Jaimee and Jaz get attacked again. Angela even justified her sister continuing to live in the house after her departure by saying she had to take care of "the rats," as the housemates loved to refer to them.

"At first, I was like, you know what you're supposed to leave with me but I knew that she had work to do on herself in the house and she also business to take of... Like those loudmouths over there," Angela said, pointing at Jaimee and Jaz.

Despite getting attacked on all fronts, Jaz and Jaimee with get their share of support when their allies Hanan and Susu are brought onto the stage. However, that might not be until "Reunion Part 2."

Watch Season 15 "Reunion Part One" of "Bad Girls Club" at 8 p.m. (EST) via Oxygen on Tuesday, May 17. Here are some behind-the-scenes clips and images from the reunion show of "Bad Girls Club" Season 15.