At least two Turkish soldiers were killed and over 24 injured in a suspected suicide bomb attack carried out by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on Sunday in Dogubayazit, Turkey, AFP reports.

It is being reported that this is the first time the Kurdish militia has been accused of carrying out a suicide attack.

The development  comes just a day after reports emerged that more than 260 PKK fighters have been killed in Syria in Turkish airstrikes.

Turkey's public news agency - Anatolia news agency - reported that a suspected PKK suicide bomber drove a tractor laden with explosives into a military station, killing two soldiers and injuring over 24 soldiers.

The Turkish soldiers were deployed with the local military police.

In a separate incident on Sunday, also blamed on the PKK, a Turkish soldier was killed and four others injured when a military convoy ran over a mine in in the Midyat district of the Mardin province in southeastern Turkey, Anatolia reported.

Following the Suruc suicide attack earlier last month, Turkey decided to join in the airstrikes to target both the Isis and the PKK, a Kurdish militia group outlawed by Turkey.

Reports indicate a major of Turkish fire power in recent weeks has concentrated on eliminating the PKK instead of the Isis.