Turkish airstrikes have killed 260 Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) members in its week-long campaign against the Islamic State (Isis), AFP reported.

Turkey recently joined the US-led coalition to fight Isis, but reports suggest that the country has mainly concentrated its fire-power on the outlawed PKK.

Turkey has accused PKK of carrying out attacks against its personnel inside the country.

Tukey's state news agency Anadolu reported that 28 Turkish F-16s destroyed 65 targets of the PKK, including shelters and arms depots, on Friday, 31 July. On Thursday, 80 Turkish aircraft hit 100 PKK targets, Anadolu said.

"Up until now 260 terrorists have been rendered ineffective (killed) and 380-400 terrorists have been identified as injured, including the brother of Selahattin Demirtas, Nurettin Demirtas," Anadolu said. The air strikes are expected to continue, it added.

The reports published on Saturday, 1 August, stated that the Turkish airstrikes killed 10 civilians and injured 11 others in the Qandil Mountains region of Kurdistan, Rudaw reported.

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While Turkey's grouse is against PKK, the airstrikes were also indiscriminately targeted at other militia groups such as YPG (People's Protection Units) that has valiantly and successfully defended several Syrian regions against Isis. 

YPG, which sidelined itself from PKK recently, even approached the US-led coalition members to demand an explanation for Turkey's "aggression".

YPG has defended regions such as Kobani and al Hasakkah in Syria and has proved to be a worthy ally. It has warned that Turkey's provocative actions will have negative consequences in the fight against Isis, ANF News reported.

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