• Trisha Krishnan at her Swachh Bharat AbhiyaanTrisha/Twitter
  • Trisha Krishnan with EFI Volunteersnull
  • Trisha KrishnanTrisha/Twitter
  • Trisha KrishnanTrisha/Twitter
  • Trisha KrishnanTrisha/Twitter

Trisha Krishnan is the latest South Indian actress to join the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan after Samantha. Kick-starting the campaign initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she cleaned up an animal home in Chennai.

Samantha had nominated Trisha to spread awareness about the campaign after she cleaned a government High school in Hyderabad. Taking up her challenge, Trisha volunteered to clean the animal home of Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) on Wednesday.

After taking part in the Clean India campaign on 3 December, Trisha Krishnan took to her Twitter page and posted some photos featuring her cleaning the animal home along with volunteers of EFI. The actress wrote, "A productive mornin indeed #CleanIndia #swachhbharat."

Meanwhile, Trisha also shot a short video explaining the importance of cleanliness and Modi's campaign. "Here I am this Wednesday morning kick-starting my Swachh Bharat campaign with a lovely bunch of people. Today I volunteer for India and her environment with EFI. So a bunch of us have decided to clean an animal home in Chennai," the actress says in the 1.19-minute video posted on YouTube.

Trisha thanks all the volunteers of EFI. "According to me cleanliness could define anything. We clean roads and lakes. Cleanliness is also very important for animals. Since I endorse lot of animal welfare programmes, I thought this would be a good two-in-one campaign for me. We are here to clean up an animal home. It has been very productive Wednesday morning. I want to thanks to everybody who is with me here. The entire team is putting a great show together," she says.

The actress said she was happy to be a part of the Clean India campaign. "This is basically to create awareness and cleanliness begins within and everybody has to be aware of it. This is a wonderful campaign and I am glad to be a part of it. I take this opportunity to tell people that cleanliness is everything and everywhere everybody can make a start. It may not be a big start, but it is a good initiative," adds Trisha.

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