• ISIS executed a man in Raqqa for calling Islam a false religion.ISIS Media
  • Many young ISIS recruits from its 'cub' camps armed with AK 47 were also present at the beheading.ISIS Media
  • Young ISIS recruits from 'cub' camps watched in horror as the accused man was beheaded by the executioner.ISIS Media

ISIS has beheaded a man in the Syrian city of Raqqa for reportedly calling Islam 'a false religion.'

The man accused of 'insulting Allah' was executed in a market square. According to reports shared on ISIS-affiliate accounts, the man had called Islam 'a false religion' and mocked 'Allah' for which he was charged under the blasphemy laws of the Sharia court.

The Sharia court that tried the man noted that it would be a 'righteous' act to kill him as his actions were worse than those of the 'infidels.'

The judges noted that the man pleaded guilty and confessed his sin. The ISIS affiliate accounts that shared the pictures of the beheading, show a gathering of many, including children from the ISIS boot camps.

The young ISIS recruits believed to be under 15, watched the scene in horror as a masked man lifted his sword to chop off the man's head.

The Syrian city of Raqqa is an ISIS stronghold that strictly adheres to the Sharia laws and any non-compliance to its dictates is met with harsh punishment. Blasphemy is treated as a serious crime punishable by beheading, crucifixion and even stoning.

Most recently, the Islamic State executed an 'outspoken' woman politician in Raqqa for speaking out against ISIS. Saada Al Ahmad was one of the leaders of "Al-Harakat Al-Sha'abiyya Al Qawimiyyeh Al-Massaanda", a political group that wants to unify the Syrian citizens to oppose the jihadi elements.

Reports of the execution Al Ahmad emerged in November, after local ISIS-affiliate newspapers in Raqqa posted 'gruesome images of her deceased remains.'

Similarly, in October three men in Raqqa were beheaded by ISIS for "insulting Allah." A report released by the ISIS Information Office in Raqqa, said the militant group was forced to take the action as "people have dared to insult the Lord of Glory in the markets and streets and houses."

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