• Mohan Babu announcing the results of Kabaddi match between Red Panther and Black Tigers.memusaitam/twitter
  • That was a silly move. Manoj's Red Panthers led with 21 points.memusaitam/twitter
  • Black Tigers at Kabaddi with starsmemusaitam/twitter
  • Manoj's team Red Panthers are nearing victory.memusaitam/twitter
  • Actor Mohan Babu disciplined boys of Red Panthers and BlackTigers at Kabaddi with Stars event.memusaitam/twitter
  • Manchu Vishnu's Black Tigers Earned 2 points over Red Panthers.memusaitam/twitter
  • Actor Nani gave 1 point Red Panthers by getting caught.memusaitam/twitter
  • Victory Venkatesh cheering the crowd at the stars' Kabaddi match held by Memu Saitam.memusaitam/twitter
  • Bramhanandam in Manoj's team Red Panther.Bramhanandam in Manoj's team Red Panther
  • Manoj's Kabaddi team Red Panthers at Memu Saitam Kabaddi match.https://twitter.com/memusaitam
  • Memu Saitam held stars Kabadi match at Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Stadium on 30 November. Huge fans' crowd witnessed the the Kabaddi with Stars.https://twitter.com/memusaitam

The teams of the two Manchu brothers, Vishnu and Manoj fought against each other in the kabbadi match held at Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Stadium on Sunday, 30 November. Manoj's team 'B' has beaten Vishnu's team 'A' with 26 points at the star cricket match

Telugu film industry has organised a 12-hour entertainment programme called Memu Saitam. This Telethon is aimed to raise funds for the cyclone-affected victims in Vizag and Uttarandhra.

Vishnu Manchu, the captain of team A, is all excited about the match. "I am so delighted with the response to Kabaddi, It's adding up lot of excitement and thrills at the show. So many stars came up to me and said they want to play kabaddi," said the actor-turned-producer in a press release.

Meanwhile, actor Manchu Manoj took to his Twitter page on 29 November and requested his followers to watch the event live and make it a grand success.

He tweeted, "Gn darlings :-) Do watch Memu Saitam from 10am to 10pm in Gemini Tv on 30th Nov :) Bless us to Re-build Vizag."

Nikhil Siddhartha, who is one of the star players in team B, tweeted, "Will be at the Memu Saitham Dine with stars event tonight. Do come and contribute towards this effort from tollywood. Headed for Memu Saitham live kabaddi and cricket now... Will post pics from the stadium in a lill while :-)"

Given below is List of Team A and Team B Players:

No Team A Team B
1  Vishnu Manchu (Captain) Manchu Manoj (Captain)
2 Navdeep Allari Naresh
3 Sravan Bramhanandam
4 Hema Nani
5 Varun Sandesh Nikhil
6 Shanvi Supreet
7 Sampoornesh Babu Vennela Kishore
8 Ramesh Thagubothu Prithvi (30 years)
0 Ravi Prakash Madhu Shalini
10 Snighdha Tanish Ali

The 12-hour Telethon is also aired live on YouTube. Here is the video to watch the live streaming of the event.

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