International Workers' Day 2016
International Workers' Day 2016 [Pictured: A labourer works on coils of steel wire at a steel wholesale market in Beijing]Reuters

International Workers' Day is celebrated in many parts of the world on May 1. Also known as May Day, it is celebrated to commemorate the Haymarket affair that took place in Chicago on May 4, 1886. However, Labour Day is observed in the United States on the first Monday of September.

During the late nineteenth century, the working class struggled a lot to gain an 8-hour working day from their severe 10 to 16-hour work in unsafe conditions. Now, as part of the national holiday, associations and trade unions organise many activities throughout the world to emphasise on the importance of workers for the development of the society.

To commemorate May Day 2016, International Business Times India has compiled best quotes and messages to be shared on the International Workers' Day.

Check the quotes here:

All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., activist

No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., activist

The end of labor is to gain leisure. — Aristotle, philosopher

God sells us all things at the price of labor. — Leonardo da Vinci, painter

We believe in loving our brothers regardless of race, color or creed and we believe in showing this love by working for better conditions immediately and the ultimate owning by the workers of their means of production. Dorothy Day — journalist

My grandfather once told me there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to be in the first group; there was much less competition. Indira Gandhi — former Indian Prime Minister.

Check out wishes, funny messages and picture greetings to be shared on May Day 2016:

Your hard work and dedication helped to make our nation. Wishing you the greetings of International Labor Day 2016.

From day to night, I have seen you working hard for your family. Now, its time for you to take rest to be with your family. Best wishes on international workers day. 

Let's celebrate the efforts of all labourers
Who built up this great land
To what it is now
Happy Labour Day 2016

Another Labour Day is here. It's time to celebrate the work of each and every person who makes our society a better place to live. Happy Labour Day.

Shout out to all the labourers of the world to be proud of your profession even if you don't make a huge sum of money everyday. Happy Labour Day 2015.

You have been busy all your life
Working hard for your family.
No one deservs a break more than you do
Chill out and have a do-nothing special labour day.
Happy Labour Day

No ties
no crazy colleagues
No angry boss
No paperworks
No meetigs
Happy Labour Week

May Day 2016 is a sad day for me. You know why? It's a Sunday.
Now, I am waiting for May 2017 - you know why? May Day is a Monday then.
Happy Workers' Day wishes.

  • Happy Labour Day123 Greetings
  • Happy Labor Day123 Greetings