Syria: Video shows Isis militants beheading five people suspected of being spies, putting up their heads on metal pegs
[Representational Image] At least 44 people have been killed and around 170 others injured in two bomb attacks in Syria's north eastern city of Qamishli, located near the Turkish border, on Wednesday. In Picture: A screenshot from the video shows the five "spies" being made to kneel before they are being executed, as one of the captors speaks.Facebook/Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The Islamic State (ISIS) group killed seven of its own men by tying up their hands and legs and drowning them in boiling water as punishment for fleeing the battlefield in Iraq's Salahuddin province.

The fighters fled the battlefield in the al-Sharqat area of Salahuddin where the terrorist group is currently engaged in a bitter fight with the Iraqi government security forces.

This is not the first time Isis has executed its own fighters. They shot dead 19 fighters last month for fleeing the battlefield in the al-Shuhada and al-Nassaf areas of Central Fallujah, which the group no longer controls.

"This came after the issuance of death sentence against them by ISIL court," Express News quoted sources in Iraq as saying.

The governor of the Salahudding province Ahmed Jabouri declared that the security forces were making gains against Isis.

"The Iraqi military troops are advancing against ISIS in the military operations and there are excellent plans to dig trenches to hold the ground... The security forces now have considerable experience in combating ISIS in the cities. They are stationed around 10 km from the centre of al-Sharqat," Jabouri was quoted as saying by the Daily Star.

Boiling water was also used on a 17-year-old sex slave who recalled how she was raped, beaten and seared with water during her nine-month misery if she didn't obey the group's demands.

The girl was kidnapped after Isis took over Shingal, following which she was moved to Raqqa in Syria where she was sold to a man called Al-Russiyah along with her 10-year-old sister and another child.

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