• People celebrate holi in Bengaluru.IANS
  • People celebrate holi in Bengaluru.IANS
  • School students celebrate Holi wearing masks as a preventive measure against swine flu in Ahmedabad.IANS
  • People celebrate holi in Bengaluru.IANS
  • Women celebrate holi in Allahabad.IANS
  • Devotees celebrate Holi at the Govind Devji temple in Jaipur.IANS
  • People celebrate holi in Bengaluru.IANS

India is in a festive mood, celebrating Holi with colours, sweets, delicious food and bonfires. Indians across the world celebrate the festival, which marks the beginning of the Spring season in the country.

However, apart from the fun in playing with colours, removing it from the body and hair is one of the difficult tasks. Even though herbal and natural colours are available, there are many possible ways to get exposed to synthetic colours, which can cause itchy patches, rashes and dryness on the skin.

Check out the tips to remove Holi colours from your body and skin below:

Care Your Hair

Rinse your hair well and try to remove all colours with plain water without applying shampoo.

Apply soaked fenugreek (methi) seeds in four table spoons of curd or an egg yolk on your scalp before washing the hair with shampoo. Honey and olive oil also act as a good conditioner for your hair.

Face Care

Do not wash your face with soap, instead use mild cleanser and moisturising cream. Little calamine powder with honey and rosewater will also help your skin to stay healthy. Once the paste is dried, wash it off with water and apply a moisturiser. Besan and milk mixture or multani-mitti can also be used to remove colours from your face.

Body Wash

Use a small amount of sandalwood powder, wheat brans, rice flour, poppy seeds, honey and mashed tomato to scrub and remove the colours from your body; papaya can also be applied.

Curd, besan, orange-peel powder, turmeric, lemon drops and olive oil will also help to clean your skin.

Post Treatment

Despite all these care, Holi colours might remain on your skin for a couple of days. So it is suggested to use either multani mitti or any other herbal face pack for alternative days. Also, in order to avoid skin reactions, you should refrain from waxing, facials, threading, or any other external medication for at least two days after Holi. 

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