• Heavy Rain in BangaloreIBTimes India
  • Heavy Rain in BangaloreIBTimes India
  • Bengaluru RainIBTimes India
  • Bengaluru RainIBTimes

Bangalore witnessed one of the worst rainfalls in recent times for almost two hours from 6 pm onwards on Thursday , 23 April. Heavy downpour also hit the city on Saturday.

Apart from the heavy downpour, hailstorms also hit many parts of the city.

Even after the rainfall, water logging on the roads left people stuck in the traffic for hours.

A commuter, Cicy, who was stuck in traffic during the rain, said: "I was coming from MG Road to Frazer town, normally it takes just 15 minutes, but yesterday, due to the heavy downpour I took almost two hours to reach home."

"There were many traffic police, who were trying to control the traffic, still people were stuck for hours due to the bad condition of the roads," she added.

Another commuter Deepak said: "I had a tough time driving my bike from Electronic City to Bannerghatta. The entire road was stuck for hours. I wonder if any ministers were travelling at the same time, so that they can understand how tough it is to travel in Bangalore when it rains."

Meanwhile, latest reports suggest that the heavy rainfall claimed one life in Goregunte Palya after a wall collapsed on Thursday.

Check out the photos of rain and hailstorm that hit Bangalore below: