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Valve's recent addition of a patch to Dota 2 has sparked curiosity among Half-Life game fans of a possible tease from the developer for the eagerly awaited Half-Life 3.

Steam Data base discovered a text file called "hl3.txt" in the recent update to Dota 2 that speaks of new quests, NPS squads, zip lines, VR support and more.

GameInformer revealed that though there was no mention of the words, "half" or "life," fans assumed that the file name "hl3" was an abbreviation of Half-Life 3.

The text file has been uploaded here, and thanks to NeoGAF user, asheticism, for showing some of the "interesting" lines of the code.

Example 1: Zipline




string m_Id = "Element.prop_zipline"

string m_FriendlyName = "prop_zipline"

string m_TooltipOverride = ""

string m_HelpText = "prop_zipline""

Example 2: Procedural Spawn




string m_Id = "Element.shared_procedural_spawn_template_info"

string m_FriendlyName = "shared_procedural_spawn_template_info"

string m_TooltipOverride = ""

string m_HelpText = "shared_procedural_spawn_template_info"

Example 3: "VR Movement"




string m_Id = "Attribute.worldspawn.vrmovement"

string m_FriendlyName = "VR Movement"

string m_TooltipOverride = ""

string m_HelpText = ""

Example 4: "NPC Speech"


string m_Id = "Attribute.npc_quest_citizen.DontUseSpeechSemaphore"

string m_FriendlyName = "Don't Use Speech Semaphore"

string m_TooltipOverride = ""

string m_HelpText = "Friendly NPCs are not allowed to speak if another friendly NPC is speaking. In some cases we don't want speaking NPCs to prevent other NPCs from speaking (for instance, if there is a friendly NPC speaking for a long time on a monitor). To make this NPC not prevent other NPCs from talking, make it not grab the semaphore when it speaks.""

So from the above lines of code, it was deduced about the mention of IGN:

  • A small squad NPC will not only share information about the enemies, but will also be able to attack and give cover to one another.
  • The mentioning of "VR Chaperone" and "VR Movement" could mean the possibility of it being compatible with Valve's Lighthouse technology and its HTC Vive headset.
  • Ziplines
  • Quest citizens

This discovery does give us hope of the possibility of a Half-Life 3 from Valve though it is known to make pranks and give false clues.

Apart from this, Gabe Newell of Valve had said previously that Half-Life 3 is possible. We have to wait until they share some kind of information.

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