• Luhan was born on 20 April 1990 in Haidian District, Beijing.Instagram/Luhan
  • He did his graduation from Beijing Shida Middle School.Instagram/Luhan
  • The celeb was also a student of Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School.Instagram/Luhan
  • He was an exchange student of Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.Instagram/Luhan
  • The ex-member of K-Pop boy band began his journey to the world of music through JYP Entertainment's Chinese global auditions in 2008.Instagram/Luhan
  • He joined SM Entertainment in 2011 and was the second EXO member to be introduced to public.Instagram/Luhan
  • The celeb made his television debut on 29 December 2011 through SBS's Gayo Daejun.Instagram/Luhan
  • He terminated his contract with the Entertainment company on 10 October 2014.Instagram/Luhan
  • Currently he is part of several Chinese television shows and moviesInstagram/Luhan
  • He celebrates his 25th birthday on Monday, 20 April.Instagram/Luhan

Luhan, one of the former Chinese members of K-Pop boy band EXO, celebrates his 25th birthday on Monday, 20 April.

Born in 1990 at Haidian District in Beijing, the celeb became part of the South Korean entertainment industry as an exchange student of Yonsei University in Seoul. He began his journey to the world of music through Chinese global auditions of JYP Entertainment in 2008 and gained fame with SM Entertainment's Chinese-Korean boy band.

Although "20 Once Again" actor terminated his contract with the firm on 10 October, 2014, he is still the fan favourite. While sending him birthday wishes, his admirers requested him to join back the music group.

A few messages were: "FMDKS Oppa come back To EXO", "Oppa, yo~ Happy Birthday! You don't look like 25 tho. Kekekeke :) We miss you so much yo~ Take care of yourself okay? Comeback please~ :'( We will support you until the end no matter what happen", and "happy birthday baeee!!!! imysm! comeback to exo and make hunhan moment:")"

However, there are no signs of him joining back as his representative had already revealed that they will fight for justice. But the fans do not have to be disappointed as they may get a chance to see Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan together again.

Last time, when the admirers saw them together at the rehearsal camp of CCTV Spring Gala 2015, they celebrated it on Twitter with the hashtag #KRISHANDAY.

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