Ed Sheeran
Ed SheeranInstagram/Ed Sheeran
  • Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran was born on 17 February, 1990.Instagram/Ed Sheeran
  • The English singer has four guitars and he named it Cyril, Felix, Lloyd and Nigel.Facebook/Ed Sheeran
  • The English singer was auditioned for the ITV series 'Britannia High' in 2008.Instagram/Ed Sheeran
  • Before gaining popularity, he used to played music at several small venues.Facebook/Ed Sheeran
  • "The A Team" singer likes girls with good eyes and a good sense of humor.Instagram/Ed Sheeran
  • Ed had his first kiss when he was 11 years old.Facebook/Ed Sheeran
  • The craziest thing Ed did for a girl was to fly half way across the world to meet her.Instagram/Ed Sheeran
  • "Lego House" singer has over hundred tattoos in his body.Facebook/Ed Sheeran
  • In 2012, the English musician bought a farm near Framlingham in West Yorkshire, England, and he wants to raise a family there.Facebook/Ed Sheeran
  • Sheeran joined the charity group 'Band Aid 30' on 15 November 2014.Instagram/Ed Sheeran
  • The Gingerbread Man from Shrek is his favorite Halloween costume.Instagram/Ed Sheeran
  • Ed has a pet cat named Graham.Instagram/Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran celebrates his 24th birthday on 17 February, Tuesday.

The English musician was born in West Yorkshire, England, as the youngest son of John Sheeran and Imogen Lock and his full name is Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran. Though the celeb was raised in England, he has also spent some years in the United States.

When Ed was four years old, he began his journey to the world of music as a choir member in a local church, and his first music recording was done at the age of 15.

He also learned guitar at a very young age and before gaining popularity, the singer worked as a guitar technician with a two-piece alternative band "Nizlopi".

Although "The A Team" singer can play piano, cello, bass and drums, he brings only his guitar onto the stage. The most expense guitar owned by the celeb is a Martin guitar from 1907, which he bought for $7000.

During his musical career, the "Lego House" singer won two Brit Awards for "British Breakthrough Act" and  "Best British Male Solo Artist" in 2012. He was also nominated for "Best New Artist" at the Annual Grammy Awards in 2014.

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