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There are roughly six months to go before the fifth instalment of FX's anthology series titled "American Horror Story: Hotel" airs, but excitement over the latest season has been building up with various plot rumours going viral.

Like the first two seasons, the latest instalment will focus on a place rather than a group of people. A number of "American Horror Story" alums including Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates have already signed in for "AHS: Hotel", and fans will also get to see more of Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson. But actress Jessica Lange, who was part of all four instalments of the series, is going to be thoroughly missed.

Lady Gaga has been added to the roster, and some theories have it that she will play the lead role. However, there are many who believe Paulson will be the star of the series, as co-creator Ryan Murphy tweeted that "she's the baddest bad girl of them all."

As for the plot, one theory on Tumblr, based on the inputs from a FX insider, noted that "AHS: Hotel" will not be a ghost/supernatural season like "Murder House." But it will focus more on satanic cult, corruption, secret societies and strange guests that come to the hotel owned by a beautiful yet strange heiress who is knee-deep in debt.

The role of the heiress will be essayed by Gaga, and based on the Tumblr post, she will do whatever it takes to keep the hotel running. This includes turning a blind eye to the strange happenings going on in her hotel.

"Gaga's character discovers the Hotel's variety of guests are up to no good and begins allowing their rituals, meeting, etc to take place only if they begin to pay more. A young married couple, who are also the leads check in to find that the Hotel is extremely corrupt and gets caught in the middle of a dark force that won't allow them to leave," the post read.

Bomer's character is rumoured to be Gaga's onscreen lover. But this news hasn't been confirmed.

Meanwhile, VC Post suggests that the writers should make use of classic horror hotel tales similar to Stephen King's "The Shining" to bring back the scare factor that won the hears of AHS fans in the first two seasons.