Amidst a terror attack by Al-Shabaab militants at a Mogadishu hotel in Somalia, which left 17 dead, a chilling video of the terror group has emerged, showing execution of civilians with a barbarity associated mainly with the Islamic State. 

The video shows the militants walking Somali men to a beach, blindfolding them and ordering them to walk towards the sea, and then shooting them down as they attempt to swim away. 

Titled "In Remembrance 2", the two-minute video is the second of a series released by Al-Shabaab's media wing al-Kataib Foundation, and is said to be modelled to resemble Isis videos with slick editing and gory images. 

  • A screen grab from the new al-Shabaab video.null
  • A screen grab from the new al-Shabaab video.null
  • A screen grab from the new al-Shabaab video.null
  • A screen grab from the new al-Shabaab video.null

At least half a dozen men are seen being marched by the gun-wielding militants to a beach and then being blindfolded. 

They are made to kneel in a row, and the video then goes to show an array of Al-shabaab fighters taking aim at the men and shooting indiscriminately, with the bullets hitting the water as the men try to swim away.

The video brings memories of a similar 'beach execution', when Isis fighters killed 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians at a Libyan beach by beheading them

Experts claimed the new video was a signal by the group to the Islamic State about their ability and their similarity. 

"More than likely, Al-Shabaab is sending signals to the Islamic State that there is little difference between the groups,"  Jasmine Opperman, the African director of Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, told Fox News

"In its desperation to regain international attention and prestige, Al-Shabaab uses the Islamic State's propaganda tactics and brutality sending a message they not only have the capacity to execute at free will, but also announcing their undeterred presence," she added. 

Al-Shabaab militants also launched an attack a hotel in Somalia's capital on Friday, and the siege ended on Saturday with at least 17 casualties. 

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