Kabul bombing
An Afghan policeman keeps watch at the site of a truck bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan August 7, 2015. The truck bomb exploded near an army compound in the center of the Afghan capital on Friday.Reuters

At least 10 people were reported killed and 60 injured in a suicide blast in the diplomatic area of the Afghan capital on Saturday.

According to reports, a suicide bomber detonated himself close to the US embassy. The explosion occurred near the Massoud Square in Kabul, Afghanistan's TOLOnews.com reported.

BBC reported quoting police officials that the target of the suicide attack was a foreign military convoy which was passing through the area.

The latest blast comes days after a series of terror strikes that left scores of civilians and security personnel dead. The Taliban had claimed responsibility for the recent wave of terror.

Locals in Kabul said on Twitter that the blast shattered windows of nearby buildings. An alarm was heard from the US embassy following the blast, the local media reported.