FIFA President Sepp Blatter (L) delivers an opening speech at the 65th FIFA Congress in Zurich, Switzerland, May 29, 2015.
FIFA President Sepp Blatter (L) delivers an opening speech at the 65th FIFA Congress in Zurich, Switzerland, May 29, 2015.Reuters

The ongoing FIFA Congress in Zurich was suspended for over an hour, after the Swiss police, acting on a tip-off, carried out a bomb search.

"I can confirm there has been a bomb threat against the FIFA congress, officers have been dispatched," Russia Today quoted Zurich city police spokeswoman as saying.

Another report said that delegates from the 209 associations were told they were not permitted to remain in the Congress Hall during a 90-minute lunch break. 

After almost an hour during which the police reportedly carried out a search for the bomb, the Congress was resumed and delegates and journalists were allowed back into Zurich's Hallenstadion.

FIFA General Secretary  Jerome Valcke  told the delegates after they returned to the meeting hall that the Congress had received an anonymous Phone threat and during lunch break police had searched the premises and secured the building. 

In the meantime, a BBC report noted that UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) will be assisting the ongoing international criminal investigations.

The US Justice Department (DOJ) has charged 14 people including several top FIFA officials on charges of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy.

Earlier in the day at the start of the FIFA Congress, President Sepp Blatter on the recent arrests noted: "On Dec 2, 2010, here in Zurich, when we decided on the two World Cup hosts in one session, if two other countries had emerged from the envelope, I think we would not have these problems today."

The Reuters report quoting Blatter also raised questions on the timing of arrest of the officials, including FIFA vice-president Jeffrey Webb, from a Zurich hotel.

"It's not good for all of this to emerge two days before FIFA presidential elections. I'm not going to use the word coincidence but there is a small question mark," Blatter, who is standing for re-election later on Friday, said in address to the FIFA Congress.

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