Akanksha Sharma
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Bigg Boss 10 evicted contestant Akanksha Sharma has now made some more shocking revelations about her married life with cricketer Yuvraj Singh's brother Zoravar Singh.

Akanksha had earlier said that she and her husband Zoravar had never got intimate with each other even though they stayed together for four months. Now, apart from hurling allegations against her mother-in-law, Akanksha also said that one of Zoravar's friends used to interfere in their bedroom affairs.

"These guys have a marble factory. Vivek (Zoravar's friend and business partner) started counselling me that I should get physical with my husband. I told him, 'Are you mad that you are teaching me that I should have sex with my husband? You don't even know me.' Imagine my plight," the evicted Bigg Boss 10 contestant told SpotboyE in an interview.

Earlier, Akanksha had revealed many other shocking details about her failed marriage with Yuvraj's brother. She had said that Zoravar had never showed any interest in getting intimate with her and on the other side, her mother-in-law Shabnam used to force her to have sex with her husband.

"It was so uncomfortable. I think I would be more comfortable in a friend's presence than Zoravar's. There has to be some attraction between two people which leads them to have sex. Zoravar could never man up to it. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law was forcing me to have sex with Zoravar. Sex is not a chore. Sex is not a responsibility. We are not living in medieval ages where sex is a compulsory product of marriage. What's the difference between prostitution and having sex against your wishes? I decided to leave the house after four months," Akanksha had told the same publication earlier.