The human-animal conflict in the CBS drama, 'Zoo', has pervaded the season. So far, the animals in the series are out on a limb, quite literally, to destruct the human species. And perhaps by the end of the season, we will know why.

In episode 9 "Murumuration", zoologist Oz (James Wolk), his partner Abraham (Nonse Anozie), journalist Jamie (Kristen Connolly), veterinary pathologist Mitch (Billy Burke) and French intelligence analyst Chloe (Nora Arnezeder) get together again. We can expect the team uncover the reason behind the animals' genetic mutation.

In episode 8 "The Cheese Stands Alone", the team investigated a ship full of rats near Pender Island. While the crew warned people in the island, they also had to tackle a rodent attack that was gruesome, to say the least.

In the promo for episode 9 "Murmuration", Jaime gets in touch with her journalist friend to expose Reiden Group's involvement in the mutation that has wreaked havoc globally. Furthermore, Mitch, who is in possession of the Mother Cell, has a plan of his own.

Christian Today reported that Mitch has a trade off with Reiden Global that might have dangerous consequences for the rest of the world. "He is planning a trade with Reiden Global to save his daughter, who has been battling a terminal illness. In exchange of the Mother Cell, he was offering Reiden Global a secret trial-stage-medication to cure Clementine's Glazier Syndrome," the article stated.

In the promo for episode 9, we see Mitch and Abraham attacked by birds when they are on their way to deliver the medication. Will the two survive the monstrous attack?

'Zoo' airs on Tuesday, 25 August at 9pm on CBS.