Season 2 episode 6 of CBS' "Zoo," which is based on the bestselling novel by James Patterson, saw the team travelling to Portugal and squaring off with a venom dealer as to step more closer to the cure. But Jackson's erratic behaviour has been causing problems for the team, and Tuesday's episode saw their safety being jeopardized.

The next episode titled "Jamie's Got a Gun" will see the team delving more into Jackson's past to find a cure. The synopsis for Season 2 episode 7 reads: "Mitch explores Jackson's past in an attempt to get the answers they need to make a cure; at the same time, the rest of the team search for evidence related to the triple helix inside a charming English town."

At the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, the cast of CBS' "Zoo" spoke about the Season 2 finale, which according to James Wolk will open the way for a very interesting Season 3. Talking to TVLine, Wolk also added that the season will end on a cliffhanger, which many feel might be a bad idea, as there is still no word on whether the show will be picked up for a new season.

The ratings haven't been too kind to the show. According to TVLine, Season 2 episode 5 "delivered 4.1 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating, dipping 9 percent and a tenth to mark series lows." However, it's faring better than several other summertime dramas such as "Brain Dead" and "American Gothic," the publication noted.

It is surprising that last Tuesday's episode did not improve ratings, as it featured the death of a major character. In shows such as "The Walking Dead" and "The Vampire Diaries," the death of a major character has often resulted in improved ratings. But in Zoo's episode 5 titled "The Moon and the Star," the death of Chloe does not seem to have had much of an impact.

 "Zoo" airs Tuesdays on CBS.