"Zoo" season 1 finale trailer has hinted lots of action, bloodshed and tragedy with animals going violent and even taking on human beings.

"47 people lost their lives in the crash, along with the cure," said a bleeding Jackson Oz (played by James Wolk) in the trailer, followed a voice over that said, "Animals have unleashed their wrath on the world; now the final battle begins."

Another team member said that "animals have stopped feeding on each other, they just seem to be feeding on us," giving a clear hint that the finale will be action-packed.

In the thirteenth episode of "Zoo" season 1 titled, That Great Bill Hill Of Hope, Jackson along with a team will try to cure animal pandemic and face lots of hardship during the course of their mission.

"Jackson and the team make a final attempt to find a cure to the worldwide animal pandemic, but hit an obstacle that may be impenetrable, on the season finale of Zoo," reads the official synopsis of the episode released by the network.

"Zoo" is a television series based on a novel written by James Patterson. Season 1 finale will be aired at 9/8c EST Tuesday on CBS Network. The episode can also be live streamed on the network's website.