Subway Zombie Prank by Silvio Santos Program
Subway Zombie Prank by Silvio Santos ProgramScreenshot from Câmeras Escondidas Programa Silvio Santos YouTube Video

Zombies prowled into a subway train that stopped on an apparently deserted station amid lights going off and on, frightening several women commuters. One woman possibly passed out when zombies swarmed over her.

Well, zombies didn't attack commuters in real life. It was just a prank carried out by popular Brazilian television hidden camera show Silvio Santos Program on Sunday but many would think that it was too cruel for the simple reason that it could leave people pass out literally.

The "Subway Zombie Prank" YouTube video uploaded on Sunday has got over five million views at the time of writing this story and most viewers think it's too cruel.

"this isnt funny, i have 19 years and im sure ill got a heart attack," wrote a viewer with user name Maid Mulabegovic.

"if this is not fake, it's a horrible thing to do," wrote Cecilie Elvira.

"Oh my god, this is terrible," wrote another viewer by the name Jovie Brett Bardoles.

In the 10:18 minute video of Silvio Santos Program, which is in the line of the show Punk'd, a lady enters an empty train. Lights go out at regular intervals before the train comes to a halt. The driver announces, "Ladies and gentlemen we are having technical problems, we apologise for the inconvenience" as the lady begins to panic.

Then hordes of people in Zombies costume start trying to enter the train, leaving the commuter terrified. As if that's not enough, a zombie comes crawling and grabs her back before the rest enter the train by opening the door. The lady escapes through another door even as she screams.

Two more ladies fall prey to the same prank. However, some unnerving thing happened in the next prank involving three women commuters. One of them is seen trying to hit a zombie with her shoes, while another one seems to have passed out from fright as she lies still with her eyes closed after trying to get out of the train.

Many may not find the prank funny, and certainly not the victims if one is to go by the scene in the video. Moreover, it could have turned bloody if those zombies happened to encounter commuters with sharp objects.

Whatever, the producers of the show have succeeded in frightening people if that is what they wanted.