Hotshot striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and star midfielder Paul Pogba share the same agent in Mino Raiola, that is a known fact. Therefore, the prospect of seeing the Swedish star dining out with the France international doesn't look so surprising. However, with the transfer rumours doing the rounds, it is not impropable that Ibrahimovic may be trying to lure Pogba to Manchester United.

After all, in football, you expect the unexpected.

Pogba, highly believed to be the signature signing of Red Devils this summer, was seen in a Los Angeles restaurant earlier this week. Bobby Chinn, the chef and owner of the restaurant, posted selfies with the Juventus midfielder and also with Ibrahimovic, who too was in the restaurant.

Speculations are on the rise now. However, Chinn not featuring both the football stars in the same frame, gave food for thought on whether the footballers were together at the same time. The interesting part is that the series of photos were posted almost at the same time.

"Let me clarify matters and set the record straight," the restaurant owner wrote on Instagram. "I do not disturb celebrities in their free time, especially when they are with their families having dinner.

"However, in this given moment, a friend of my son was very excited to see Ibrahimovic and I could not help myself. Nobody knew who they were and they dined undisturbed, other then a very quick photo opp that took no more then 10 seconds."

"I heavily doubt that they met to talk about Ronaldo, or maybe they did! As a Liverpool supporter, which I confessed to both of them, I'd love to see them both at Manchester United. It only makes the Premier League an even greater spectacle," Chinn wrote in his long post.

Check out the photos: