RJ Malishka's new Monsoon Pothole Song Mumbai Khadyaat
RJ Malishka's new Monsoon Pothole Song Mumbai KhadyaatSnapshot of YouTube video

RED FM radio jockey Malishka has come up with a new song on the Mumbai potholes, despite a defamation suit worth Rs 500 crore on her last year. Her new video has gone viral on social media.

Remember the pothole song by Red FM's radio jockey last year that had the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) gunning for her? It was the popular RJ Malishka, also an actress and emcee, who had created a funny but factual parody song on the Mumbai potholes in July 2017. RJ Malishka is back with a new parody song video on the Mumbai potholes! It is called 'Monsoon Pothole Song 2018 Zingaat Mix Mumbai Khadyaat'.

This time she has based it on one of the most popular songs in India, Zingaat from the film Sairaat. The song Zingaat is also there in the Ishaan Khattar and Janhavi Kapoor film Dhadak, an official remake of Sairat. The new Mumbai potholes video of Malishka is garnering many views on YouTube and is viral on social media again. The song video is shot in an office just like the earlier one, with clippings of reports on potholes and flooding in Mumbai in July 2018 due to the rains.

The 2017 parody by RJ Malishka was called 'Mumbai Tula BMC var Bharosa Nai Kai' (Mumbai, don't you have faith in the BMC?), based on a popular Marathi song called Sonu Song. That song and the video with Malishka and her team was superbly viral on social media and the web, as it hit out directly at the BMC while addressing the woes of the common man of the bustling metropolis of Mumbai.

For yet another year, Mumbai has faced countless potholes on the road due to heavy rains and high tide. But this time, there was a new low as citizens are having to deal with not just water everyone, on the roads and the railway tracks, but also falling bridges and buildings in various parts of the city. The situation is worse than ever, with many people already having died due to potholes and the other accidents.

Last year also the situation was bad in the Mumbai rains, with incessant flooding and potholes. Even then, the BMC had not taken RJ Malishka's jibe lightly and had raided her house, issuing a notice for 'mosquito breeding' in the wake of the outbreak of dengue. We as citizens ask, will the Shiv Sena-led BMC take the new Monsoon Pothole Song 2018 Zingaat Mix Mumbai Khadyaat seriously and take better care of the city rather than react to Malishka? Or will they again raid Malishka's house and then file a defamation suit against her for Rs 500 crore, like last year? Isn't it more reasonable that the corporation plans ahead of the monsoons every year to help citizens?

As Malishka asks the BMC in the new pothole song, "Aata khadde aamhich bharu ka, amche paishe parat dya' (Should we fill the potholes ourselves? Please return the taxpayers' money.).

This is RJ Malishka's pothole song of 2017:

Kudos to Malishka and we hope the BMC takes positive action about the city's infrastructure!