ZERO SCIENCE LAB – Makes you fall in love with Mathematics and Science

The CEO of EDZ ONE INTERNATIONAL, Mr. Ramadevu Ramkumar-  a TECHPRENEUR, an ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT - TECHNICAL AND BLOG AUTHOR and a diligent and curious student for life (AMIE, M.Tech- BITS PILANI). His docket of accomplishments does not end here. His experience is not confirmed but it amounts to over 20 years of experience overseas. And he is also working towards his dream to establish a dedicated I.T. Innovation Center in Rajahmundry. With dedication, he aims to provide a learning platform that can introduce mathematics and science in a much more innovative and student-friendly way, to a future worth relying upon. Thus to bring his vision to reality he launched Zero Science Lab -Science-Oriented Activity-based Learning from School Level, (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry).

The sui generis about this platform is that, unlike other educational platforms, this virtual lab is an interactive and dynamic simulation platform that will entitle students to experiment and learn from their own mistakes. And most importantly the Zero Science Labs are 100% aligned with the CBSE NCERT course curriculum. The simulation encourages the utility of critical and evaluative thinking.

Because they are polysemantic or open-ended, they encourage students to mull over the various implications of a concept. Zero Science Lab proves to present worthwhile opportunities to exercise higher-order capabilities such as reflective thinking and abstraction – skills that are often cited in the literature as valuable outcomes not only from the younger children but from the older students and adults use of simulations as well.

The team is passionate about the field of science, and scientific studies. But unfortunately, the present scenario of the Indian education system is more score centric, where the aim is to achieve higher scores instead of creating an innovative scientific community. As an alternative, especially as we see that the schools are also turning to virtual classrooms given the unavoidable situations like COVID19 where schools remained shut for more than a year-connecting every classroom to "virtual online simulation labs' ' is an easy and affordable solution. Thus the Founder and his team built the lab to address this challenge.

They have been working on this concept for approximately 3 years now. The achievement is that so far 3000 users from different schools are currently using the platform, and it has been proven that student engagement and discussion in the classrooms increased a lot due to activity-based learning, the founder claims. The lab proves to be the most unique and operates also on a very different methodology emphasizing the simulation tools virtually for simple teachings and understanding of the different concepts of science-oriented learning.