Ashwin Kakumanu and Sshivada-starrer "Zero" has got thumbs up from the critics for its content. The good execution backed by fine performances of the lead actors are the highlights of the Tamil flick.

Bala married Priya (Ashwin Kakumanu and Sshivada) against the wish of his father. The girl's dead mother was mentally unstable during her pregnancy due to which her husband had left her. And, this was the reason behind Bala's father opposing the marriage.

However, after getting hitched, they experienced weird things happening around them and what happens next is the best part of the story.

The director gets full marks for bringing a fantasy angle to the story of "Zero." His narration holds the attention of the audience for most parts of "Zero." He is backed by the lead actors, who have performed their roles well.

Nivas K Prasanna's background score is top notch, Babu Kumar's cinematography and R Sudharhan's editing are good too. Overall, the movie is entertaining despite its drawbacks. Find critics' response to the movie below:

The Times of India Review: The director keeps things very much ambiguous in the first half. Even though we see that Bala (Ashwin Kakumanu) and Priya (Sshivada) are clearly in love with each other, we can sense that things are off-kilter.

The Hindu Review: The beginning of Zero is the beginning of the universe itself, narrated by Gautham Menon no less. How often do you see a small film beginning so ambitiously?

Behindwoods Review: Talking about the universal symphony of love and hatred, this story also spotlights the connection between souls from physical intimacy. What's confusing is the fact that it's not entirely fictitious nor it is reality in general.