Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs grand finale
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs grand finale was held on Saturday and Vishwaprasad has won the trophy.Zee TV Kannada Facebook Page

The curtains for the Zee Kannada's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs season 14 has been dropped on Saturday, 26 May, with the grand finale being held at White Arcade Convention Centre in Nagavara, Bengaluru. Five contestants like Abhijith Bhat, Gnanesha, Tejas Shastri, Keerthana and Vishwaprasad had entered the last stage of the competition. 

In the end, Vishwaprasad has emerged victorious, while Gnanesh and Keethana have ended at the second place. The winner has walked away with Rs 5 lakh along with a trophy and the two runners-up have bagged Rs 2 lakh along with trophies. 

The show was kicked-off on December 9 with 30 contestants from different parts of Karnataka taking part in the singing show. The judges had selected 15 contestants from the lot.

Week aftter week, the contestants were eliminated, while the best performers qualifed for the next stages. In the end, the battle for the trophy with a cash prize boiled down to five participants in Zee Kannada's show.

The winner will be decided on the basis of viewers' vote and the marks given by the jury comprising of Arjun Janya, Vijay Prakash and Hamsalekha.

All the five contestants have performed well to reach the last stage of the Zee Kannada's competition and there is apparently a tough fight among the five finalists to bag the trophy. Going by the response on social media, Vishwaprasad, the winner of Zee Tamil's first season of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs, is likely to win.

Here, we bring you the live updates of the grand finale:

11.14 pm: Vishwaprasad has won the 14th season of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Rs 4 lakh won cash prize and a trophy. Gnanesh has ended in second place along with Keerthana.
11.08 pm: Keerthana has ended up in second place, which will be shared by another contestant.
11.02 pm: Judges with three finalists on stage.
10.57 pm: Who will win the trophy among Gnanesha, Keerthana and Vishwaprasad?
10.55 pm: Tejas Shastri from Chennagiri is eliminated. He gets Rs 50,000 and gift hampers. The battle lies among three contestants. He thanks all the judges for their encouragement.

10.25 pm: Judges give standing oviation for Vishwaprasad.
10.15 pm: Vishwaprasad sings Nadamaya from Jeevana Chaitra.
10.05 pm: Keerthana sings Shiva Shiva and wins apprecition.
9.45 pm: Tejas Shastri sings 'Pallavi thaane' from Parva.
9.30 pm: Gnanesha begins the last round with 'Devaru hoseda' from Muthina Haara.
9.28 pm: Gnanesha, Tejas Shastri, Keerthana and Vishwaprasad have entered the last stage
9.24 pm: The final round begins. Voting lines opened again, but people have 15 minutes to cast their vote after every performance.
8.59 pm: Little angel Neha comes on stage to entertain the guests with her cut performance.
8.53 pm: In a surprising development, four contestants have entered the last stage. Abhijath Bhat is the only contestant to be out of the singing competition. He walks out of the show with a few gift hampers.
8.50 pm: Voting lines for the first round is closed. 5 finalists are on stage. Two will be elimiated in this round.
8.35 pm: Hamasalekha comes on stage. Hugs the young talent and makes him sing two lines. The boy hails from humble background. It may be recalled that Arjun Janya claimed that he would give financial assitance to pursue his singing dreams upon hearing that his family cannot afford to bare the expenditure. Nadha Bramha has now went on to say that he would also lend his helping hand.
8.21 pm: Tejas Shastri is on stage and sings 'Mahaprana deepam' from Sri Manjunatha. Will the lord bless him to be in the last three?
8.16 pm: Vijay Prakash requests Gnanesha to sing two lines again of the same number. A huge round of applause from the public. Wow. He gets golden buzzer.
8.03 pm: Gnanesha sings 'Gombe Aatavaiya' from Shruti Seridaga.
7.55 pm: Vishwaprasad drives the audience crazy with the song. Audience sing, 'once more, once more.' Vijay Prakash praises him to heavens and Arjun Janya comes on stage to give him a special hug.
7.48 pm: Vishwaprasad from Belgaum sings 'Aata hudugatavo' from Hatavadi.
7.38 pm: Vishwaprasad is the third singer to be on stage. The video of his journey is played.
7.35 pm: Hamasalekha remembers S Janaki and Karim Khan on the occasion.
7.27 pm: Keerthana sings Jaya Gowri Jagadeeshwari from old movie Swarna Gowri.
7.16 pm: Keerthana from Bengaluru is on stage. A video is played to showcase her journey.
7.13 pm: Judges praise the young talent, but the marks will be known later. Voting lines are open till 8.30 pm. Viewers' votes will be combined with judges' marks will decide the winner.
7.05 pm: Abhijath sings 'Yellelu sangeethave' from late Vishnuvardhan's Maleya Marutha. A tough song to sing indeed.
6.57 pm: Abhijath Bhat from Udupi set to sing the song.
6.45 pm: A special video package that highlights the best moments of the season.
6.38 pm: Stage set for the first performance of the evening.
6.31 pm: The 5 finalists, in their best dresses, appear on stage.
6.20 pm: Judges like Vijay Prakash and Hamsalekha share their views about the show.
6.08 pm: The evening kicks-off with Arjun Janya's performance.
5.25 pm: The live show will begin at 6 pm.