Shyam Ramsay passed away
Shyam Ramsay passed awayTwitter

One of the pioneers of horror movies in India, Shyam Ramsay passed away on Wednesday morning.

The veteran film-maker, known for films like Puraani Haveli, Veerana, Bandh Darwaza and TV shows like The Zee Horror Show, Anhonee among others, died at a Mumbai hospital at the age of 67. The reason behind Shyam Ramsay's death is believed to be pneumonia as he was suffering from it since past few days.

His nephew confirmed the tragic news as Indian Express quoted him saying, "With profound grief and sorrow we inform you about the sad demise of Shyam Ramsay. He was suffering from pneumonia and passed away around 5:00 am this morning".

Ramsay is survived by his two daughters. One of the seven Ramsay brothers, Tulsi Ramsay had also passed away last year at the age of 77.

As soon as the news of his demise arrived, several have expressed grief at the loss of one of the most popular horror film-makers of the country.